First Post

Hello world,

I wanted to say ‘hello’ because this is sort of my first blog and to go along with this I wanted you all to know a bit about me: I love YA books, I’ll fly through them, when I actually get a chance to read. I have hundreds of favorite books and authors, so please don’t ask me that question.

I’m still in High School, which I have mixed feelings about. The majority of my classes are actually college courses so my workload is huge, which is why I read so little through the school year.

The take French and will be going on an adventure to France over my school’s spring break, with some of my classmates and teacher. I am very nervous and scared, but it’s too late to back out now.

I have two older sisters, I am the youngest, but my age doesn’t really matter. My oldest sister is going to transfer to a university soon to study Occupational Therapy. She adores art, has a dog named Saddie and a cat named Soul Catcher. Every time I go into her room she is watching a new TV show.

My middle sister has Cerebal Palsy. She can neither speak nor move nor stand. She cannot feed herself, go to the bathroom herself, or speak with her own voice. All that being said she is still a person, who has an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter, loves her computer, Criminal Minds and Glee.

My mom is a teacher, she works with SE kids and cares about all of them dearly. She cares about all of us too, fighting for us in every right, so we have the medication for all of our mental problems (and physical in the case of my middle sister).

We don’t talk about our dad on the internet. He’s in our lives, he’s still happily married with our mom, it’s just he hates social media. Some of my friends don’t think he’s real because they never see him. He’s kind of like a ghost, you know?

My family has nine animals.

I have a cat named Hunter and a dog named Katara. Katara seems scary but will pee if you approach her. She thirsts for cat flesh.

I am currently read Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater, The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas, and Rebel Springs by Morgan Rhodes.

However progress is slow because I have an AP Biology Research paper to do. I’m hoping I get a C.

If you don’t take AP you don’t understand.

Well, that’s all for the “get to know me” post, hope it wasn’t too painful. I’ll be posting book stuff later on so stay tuned.




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