Snow Like Ashes

Bonjour mes amis!

I don’t know about where you live, but here in my hometown it is a beautiful, sunny day out, which is perfect because today is the NoVaTEEN Book Festival. And in honor of my gong to NoVaTEEN in a few hours, I would like to write a review about Sara Raasch’s “Snow Like Ashes”. Inspiration for this post will come from the Game of Thrones Theme song playing very loudly downstairs 🙂
Okay so a lot of people like this book, a lot of people have read it, and why, because it’s awesome.

Let’s just start with the kingdoms. They are named after seasons, at least the main ones in this story. Winter, Autumn, Spring, and Summer. Currently I’m wishing for summer, just because I’m very tired of snow and cold. I need to photosynthesize, you know?

Now I kind of want to talk about Meira. On Twitter and such, you have a lot of people going around saying “#TeamTheron” or “#TeamMather”, I like to consider myself Team Meira. I mean, the poor girl has been raised believing she is some peasant girl of sorts. She forms this bond with Mather and then is annoyed because she remembers she’s her and he’s supposed to be the prince.
And then we get to the end and we find out she’s the Queen, and maybe freaks out a bit, sort of an “oh, well that would’ve been really nice to know before I got myself caught, what the hell Sir.” But after that she’s all ready to take control.
I mean from the beginning she was all for doing anything she could to get the Winterians out of their bonds and anything she could do to get Winter back together periods, so when she realizes she’s the conduit and she can actually help her people, there is no hesitation.
And that is basically why I am full on Team Meira, because the minute she knows she has the power to help her people that is what she is all about and sets to work.
I don’t know, I have this thing for queens and when Meira took on all of the Queen duty and stuff I just loved her more.
Once you learn Meira is Queen, it kind of puts everything else into perspective, like she was always ready to help in anyway she could, and maybe when you’re a Queen it’s like having a mother’s instinct like for an entire kingdom, because I suppose they all are like her children and it’s her job to protect them.
So I’m sorry I couldn’t really say more.
I really did like the book and I am so looking forward to Ice Like Fire, I kind of hope we get to see a bit of Yakim, just because Sara said they’re more for science and technically inclined, also that they are more of a Steampunk nation, and I both love science and Steampunk, so I am super excited for that, if that happens.
A really good read, I’ll probably do another post about this just because, one we’re going to learn more about Ice Like Fire (I hope) and two because this isn’t my best post.
Thank you so much,


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