The Orphan Queen

Bonjour mes amis,

As of late, I have been having a strange book craving for Queens. I love queens. The books I have been reading have been all about queens and strong female leads. In my search for queen I found “The Orphan Queen”. I thought “why not try it”, so I began the wait for it to come out, and the wait did not last long, for by the grace of some divine being I won an ARC of “The Orphan Queen” and in return “The Orphan Queen” won my heart. So allow me to tell you, with as few spoilers as I can, about this amazing book.

Now there are two things I really enjoyed about this book (other than the queen stuff).

1. Wil’s relationship with Patrick

2. Wil’s relationship with Black Knife, or just Black Knife in general.

Now that may make it seem as though I’m really into romance, but hear me out. Part 1: Patrick.

Okay so Patrick is the leader of the Osprey, the group of nobles that are loyal to Wil and trying to help her get back her kingdom and throne. In the beginning of this book, Patrick runs the shows and he’s the entire reason Melanie and Wil go into the enemy palace in the first place. Wil doesn’t really interact with Patrick until part two, or that’s where the part I like comes in. Because, you see, Wil, basically, learns Patrick’s plans. In short, Patrick’s plans involve a lot of suffering from everyone involved including the innocent. At some point, I don’t entirely remember when, Wil sees a different path. One that might lead to less pain AND getting her kingdom back. And that is a road she takes. Things get better, when Patrick tried to force his way on her and she basically says, “No, I’m the Queen, I’m running this show, this is the best path for my people, I might suffer, but it is the one I’m taking.” So Wil takes the path that might hurt her a bit, but shouldn’t harm her people, whereas Patrick wants to take the path that could hurt her kingdom and their enemies kingdom, which may seem like a good idea, but would you really want to piss off your enemies who already have more control over you than you do?

Next part is Black Knife. I just love the dude, like imagine Westley from The Princess Bride movie with Herondale sarcasm thrown in there and you have Black Knife.
Now this guys identity is kept a secret through the end and there were a few people I suspected and he actually turned out to be one of them, but nevertheless I was shocked when it was actually revealed.
In this story line I actually really think he’s good for Wil because he’s like an indulgence for her, someone she can’t tell others about, but makes her happy. He isn’t like her magic. And I like how there wasn’t much romance between them, though I am totally okay with them being together.
I just really thought that he was good for her and I liked how she could kind of use him to back her up.

Now finally I would like to talk about the ending.
It’s kind of a cliffhanger ending. I might have interpreted it differently, but this is how I would describe the ending: So imagine Allegiant. We all know what happens in the end, right? Well imagine that happened so you knew someone was either dead or mortally wounded but before it was confirmed or you could figure it out for sure, the book ended.
Congrats, you now have how I would describe the ending. Totally leaves you begging for more book.

So I say, go check out The Orphan Queen. If you’ve already read it and, like me, want more Black Knife, fear not, Jodi will be writing four novellas that follow his story.

Okay, that’s it for tonight. Awesomesauce.




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