Sometimes you get this feeling of nostalgia you sit there thinking about the past, longing for it again…
That’s what I have been doing for about the last hour or so.
See I have been thinking about YALLFest, my all time favorite book festival, also the one I’ve been to the most, which isn’t saying much, because when I go this year it will only have been my third year. πŸ™‚
Nonetheless, both times I have gone, I’ve had good experiences.
It’s just great to be around book people and people who right books.
The lines are long, but honestly, sometimes that is part of the fun. If you’re standing in a line for a while, waiting to meet a specific person, there’s more than a good chance that you’ll meet someone else in that line and talk to them. Because, I mean, if you’re standing in line for the same author as them you probably like the same book (unless they or you are getting it signed for a sibling or friend) and if they’re there they probably like books too and there’s a big chance you can find some common ground with them.
Really it’s just awesome.
And I keep looking at the YALLFest site, waiting for them to post something new, even though I know that they aren’t posting the author list until June or anything else until August, boy oh man, do I wish they would post something now. Because I’m dying, dying, dying, to know who is going this year, in case I want to add authors to my TBR list.
Of course there are some authors I hope will return, like Michelle Hodkin or Sarah Maas. And then I hope some other authors show up, but really I just like going.
There the Friday night event called YALLCrawl, where some authors come out Friday night, which is OOBER helpful in some cases, because Saturday is PACKED with authors and trying to meet all of the ones you want to meet is hell, I shit you not.
So if you see authors you like that are going to be at YALLCrawl and the regular Saturday event, I’d say try for the YALLCrawl. It’ll be so helpful if you want to see authors on Saturday, it’ll just clear your schedule right up. Sometimes.
And Saturday, oh Saturday is great. The signings start a bit early, but such a small sacrifice to make for meeting one of your favorite authors. And if you have a gap in between meeting the authors and you don’t care about being first in line or there is a BIIGGGG time gap (and I mean big, I was in the Michelle Hodkin line for four hours and Sarah Maas for three), there is a BEAUTIFUL farmers market, right by the signing, where you can buy fresh fruit and get fresh bagels and coffee. And a lot of people are just out walking their dogs and very willing to let you pet their dogs WHICH IS AWESOME!!!
So if you have time between meeting authors or there are a few hours before you go to sit in a three-four hour long line, buy some pastries (not as good as French ones, but still fresh) and some coffee, and go settle in the courtyard by the farmers market. It’s close to the signings and beautiful. Nice place to just sit and finish a books. πŸ™‚
So yes.
I’m going between this and Twitter, so my thoughts are everywhere and I do apologize.
Anyways, yes YALLFest… I just hope it’s a thousand times better this year. There’s always a lot of people and a lot of great authors. It can be overwhelming because, if you are anything like me, you just want to meet, like, half of them.
And some will be nicer than others, some willing to take pictures with you, some uncomfortable with it, some may be really kind and willing to chat for maybe the minute they’re signing your book, others might just act like they don’t even want to be there.
But you know what? No matter what, it is generally a great experience, no matter what. You are surrounded by book people, and what is better than book people?!
And now, though this has NOTHING to do with you, here are some authors, I hope show up at YALLFest, and briefly why:
Sarah J. Maas: because, even though I met her once, end of the say meetings always get me nervous, so I felt like it didn’t go well, and I hadn’t finished Heir of Fire, so at the time I was unaware of the miracle woman in front of me (also I want a pic with her, hehe)
Michelle Hodkin: My mom ADORED Mara Dyer, so I just want her to get to meet Michelle *I already did* and I kind of want a picture with her, because she is beauty.
Sara Raasch: That woman is a delight, I’d LOVE to see her again!
Victoria Aveyard: The woman scares the daylights out of me, but her book was awesome so, you know.
Susan Dennard: She’s a big one, just because of her former career, not to mention she gives GREAT writing advice! I just want to hug her and thank her. I can’t wait to read her books!!
*** Other Authors I want to come, but maybe not as much, but still I’ll add why πŸ™‚
Leigh Bardugo: I’ve met her before and even got a picture, but she is a delight
-Marie Lu: I want a picture with that lady, so lovely, always stays overtime to make sure everyone gets there book signed.
Susan Ee:Β I want to watch my books get signed by her!
Alex Bracken: My time with her was cut short because she wanted to talk to everybody and I at LEAST want a picture with her πŸ™‚Β 
Sabaa Tahir:Β I’m assuming I’ll like her book and think it’d be cool to meet her and take a picture with her.
Maggie Stiefvater:Β I do not know what that woman is doing half the time, but the Raven Cycle and her Tweets and marvelous and never fail to make me laugh, so I think it’s be GREAT to meet her in person (and maybe get a picture?).
Sherry Thomas: The woman seems kind, I just want to meet her in person. I have yet to read her books, but I’m sure they’ll be as awesome as she seems.
Sarah Rees Brennan: I guess I just have a thing with authors named Sara(h), but, though I have yet to read her books, I have high hopes for them.
Victoria Schwab: there is nothing more fun to do than say her last name. Also, her books? Have heard great things, and even then she just seems like an awesome person.
Maureen Johnson: seems crazed and demonic, I haven’t read her books either, but oh lord, I just want to meet her for the hell of it.
Jodi Meadows: Jodi’s only on the indifferent list because I’ll have already met her twice by the time 2015 YALLFest comes around. But you know third times a charm!
Laini Taylor: I really want her to right more, DoSaB is marvelous, I just kind of want to say ‘Hi’….
**** Now authors I don’t really want to come
1. John Green: I do like his books, unlike most people, and I like his and Hank’s blog show. My biggest issue with John coming would be that not only would he bring a shitton of fans to an already crowded event, he’s bring ALL OF THE NERDFIGHTERS! I have nothing wrong with him… It’s just too crowded to add John.
2. Cassie Clare: I have NOTHING against Cassie or her books. It’s more like there will probably already be a shitton of authors I want to see there, and Cassie will probably be a Keynote and I’d like to be able to devote my time to her and not be panicking about getting to the next author. πŸ™‚

So I do plan to read over the summer, based off the YALLFest list, likely, and just to read. It’ll be a bit hard, because I plan on doing college classes and an online class, not to mention I might try to find a job to raise money to go back to France. And I’m going to camp, and Florida, and Maine, with some Pennsylvania thrown in there somewhere.
But it is my summer for me to ENJOY so I will be doing reading and sure as hell be posting stuff about them on here.

And after I attend BookitCon, I will be posting about that in all of it’s book event glory.

Also after YALLFest comes around, please expect and entire freaking novel on why it was probably awesome.

Gods I love books.

Wish me luck people of earth


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