2016 Books

Kids, this list will be short.
“But mom, why?!” You wonder.
Because I haven’t been able to read any effing books that’s why. So of the few I have read for and know are coming out next year here’s my REALLY SHORT LIST and why I’m excited!

1. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Cover not final…
But I am a big Cassandra Clare fan. Probably not the biggest, but I still am a bug fan of hers. Call me cliche, but I really do love all of the Shadowhunter Chronicles and am very excited to see where Emma and Julian’s story takes me!
I do love all of the things I’ve heard about this book covering with the LGTB+ community and mental disablilites. I do appreciate the shout out as much as I appreciate the actual stories.
I just really love the stories.
Also because Cassie is so big and seems to have a lot of fans, I think it’d be cool if in the future she wrote her MC as a POC. I don’t know how people would recieve it though. The story I’m working on the MC is a girl of color and so is her second in command, but I suck at writing, so I want to see if maybe Cassie will do it in her future of writing, since she seems big on tackling social issues.
BUT YAY LADY MIDNIGHT!!! I can’t wait for the cover reveal and I really like Emma and am hoping for some cute James and Emma moments (a girl can dream right?). And again, call me cliche but I already ship Emma and Julian, just like I already ship James and Cordelia. Ty and Liv are just the cutest things ever!!!
Gods, okay, I’ll chill with The Shadowhunter Chronicles for now and move on.

2. Red Queen 2 by Victoria Aveyard

Yes I am fully aware that is the first books cover, but there aren’t even fanmade covers for book two nor a title.
Anyways the ending was… Well you know I wouldn’t expect anything less from a woman like Victoria, who seems to love shows about betrayal and death (*cough* Game of Thrones *cough*) and then she posted something about the death toll in Book 2. So frankly, I’m curious as to where she’s taking us with book 2, obviously it’s going to have a sequel, it’s a trilogy. Another thing is, is it a fantasy dystopia, because at one point in the book they say a French term and then say something along the lines of “it’s from the old world” or something that sounded very Dystopian. And maps may not help, because land alters throughout time, hell the world of Red Queen could be so far into the future (if it is a futuristic novel) that the second Pangaea has formed. Though I severely doubt that, we’ll all probably be dead by then or whatever intelligent being there is probably won’t remember anything from the twenty first century.
Either way, curiosity aside, I’m wondering what they’ll do with Mare. I know she’s her own depend character and I know she’s a bit whiny, but she is still a boss bad bitch, and I’m hoping she just gets stronger and doesn’t do characters do which is something like spiraling into insanity or getting whiny to the point where you can’t even read it anymore. And if Mare does go insane, she better do it in the awesome villainous way, not the “fuck my life, wah wah wah” way.
Seriously Aveyard she’s badass, don’t take that away from me. Make her BETTER not worse.
(Better can also be extremely powerful, vengeful psycho-bitch)

3. The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows

cover soon to be revealed ๐Ÿ™‚
Anywho, of course I’m looking forward to The Mirror King and frankly I curse Jodi every day for this series only being a two book series, a duology? Anyways, I just need Wil back to kick some ass, also I need to know if my baby is dead. I’m hoping my baby will be on the cover of this book *stares at Dee and Jodi because they know* and that’ll mean he is alive. I still need to read the finished copy of The Orphan Queen, but seriously, I just need to know. I’m basically dead right now, because there’s no cover but there should be one soon and I really, really liked Wil, I don’t even know what it was about her that I liked. Hell it is just really awesome that her name (well nickname) is Wil and that she’s all badass-y and magic-y and stuff and also that freaking Wraith Monster…. I want to know more about that, and I’m really hoping it is adressed in the next book, because that just sounds awesome….
So sad that it’s only two books ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

4. The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

It does not have a cover or anything yet, but I’m hoping Evelyn will have news of some soon! Anyways, when I first heard about the Crown’s Game it was actually called The Tsar’s Game, which I liked because, Tsars and Russia, but the Crown’s Game just sounds more….. Well there is more left up to debate.
But either way this book is to be release next year, as all the books on my list are, but there is something very special about it that I bet you guys could already guess: Russia. And not only Russia…. Historical Russia…. But wait there is more….. AN ALTERNATE HISTORICAL RUSSIA WITH MAGIC!!!!
If you don’t think that’s just the cooliest thing ever, you’re either wrong or did not grow up with History loving parents, or both.
But either way, Russia! And two characters with awesome names (Vika and Nikolai).
And from the little I know about these characters I’m already in love.
Nikolai is a beautiful name the way it’s spelled just brings so many lovely images to my mind of a handsome boy, and his name rolls beautifully off my tongue. And Vika, reminds me of Viking, which makes me think strong badass girl, the way I imagine that one girl off of the show Vikings, but ten times more awesome, more Russian, and more magical!
And it is a fight to the death with a love twist?
Now okay, you might be thinking of The Hunger Games; don’t. Do. That.
This is different, I can tell, I can feel it in the air.
How many times do I have to say two awesome protagonist, with awesome abilities, in an alternate historical Russian world, fighting to be the Tsar’s right hand man, and they even have the Ottoman’s, which admittedly are not as cool as the Mongols, but it’s focused on Russia and Russia is awesome.
So kids, friends, people that actually follow me, I beg you to go look up The Crown’s Game on Evelyn’s site, and if you’re REALLY curious and are like my in train of thought, thinking this book might just be the best thing you’ve ever heard of? Join The Tsar’s Guard. We get e-mails from Evelyn with updates about the book and possibly goodies to come ๐Ÿ˜‰ it’s just really awesome guys, so please go check it out.

And last but definitely not least:

5. Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

The only one on this list with a final cover.
I have been ranting about Susan for some time, in a good way. I want to read her first series, but I have to get the “okay” from my mom who has all of my money so I don’t go on a spending spree…. Oops.
Kids, I don’t know where to begin with this. Slightly more details one this one have been given, more thand with The Crown’s Game (come on Evelyn, I’m dying!).
But I will tell you what I know from endlessly stalking Susan’s Twitter, blog, pinterest, and soon enough her Tumblr, as well as following all the support groups I can and trying to get into the Truthwitch Street Team, which I doubt will happen, but E for Effect, am I right.
So from what I gather, Truthwitch is about a land where some people are born with abilities “witchery” and these abilities can vary with elements or sometimes they go a bit deep. Such as the two main characters, Iseult is a Threadwitch, she can see the bonds that tie people to one another, while Safiya is a Truthwitch and can tell truth from lie. And from what I here there are a number of bad things going on, these Wells that supposedly distribute the power, are dying, and some crazy Bloodwitch is on her way to reek havoc on the this world, in revenge for something that is currently unknown.
Now I may sound dull, or at least in my head, my voice is dull.
But one of the things that really excited me about this book: was Susan’s Truthwitch Pinterest. I went through her Truthwitch board and saw an array of things that just left me awestruck and wondering about the book. Not to mention all the people Susan stated reminder her of Iseult, are beautiful and I love them, and Iseult’s power is the cooliest and frankly, I love her already!
That and this elemental thing that keeps popping up on Twitter, with the Elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire; pretty normal right? But then there is also Aether and Void.
Now we don’t know what Aether is, but I don’t think it will remain a mystery for too long, but I believe Susan said something about how Void is debated that the people in the Witchlander world don’t know whether or not the Void truly exists and that is what caught my interest.
Also I think because of how deep some of these powers seem to go, the elements might be like all those fan debated things with Avatar the Last Airbender, how there are subdivision of the elements (lightning for fire, metal for earth, and blood for water) and parts where the elements combine to give power over something totally different (like lava or the swamp).
Anyways that is what I know, and I am really hoping that 1. I get on the street team, but I won’t be too butthurt if I don’t, and 2. that I find out more about this world soon.
I am actually about to e-mail Susan and ask her questions, as soon as the questions I was going to ask come back to me.

If you want more info about Truthwitch, I’d say: 1. Sign up for Susan’s newsletter, 2. Follow her on Twitter, 3. Follow her on Pinterest, 4. Follow Truthwitch Support @truthwitch on Twitter 5. Follow DeadlyTruthwitchClan on Twitter @Truthwitchclan

If you want more info about The Crown’s Game I’d say go sign up for The Tsar’s Guard, which you could probably google, or just google Evelyn Skye, and it’ll be on her site. Or follow Evelyn Skye on Twitter.

As for the rest, Jodi, Cassie, and Victoria, I’d say follow their Twitters, Tumblrs, Instagrams, just find them and pray for the best.

PLEASE check out Truthwitch and The Crown’s Game. Show the support and love for these two new book series.
Also show some love to Evelyn, because I believe The Crown’s Game is her first book and I can only imagine how nerve wrecking that must be.

Also, BookitCon, guys. Buy tickets, donate, do something. It is a really awesome, really good cause and it deserves some fan-love.

That’s all for now!


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