HAPPY FRIDAY everyone, we’ve made it, we’re alive, and I don’t even say that jokingly because I had a suicide scare this week and, gods, I’m just glad it was a false alarm.
Anyways, depressing things aside, this week has been… Okay it’s been bad,I won’t lie, I’ve been really stressed about tests and frankly I have two more to go and am VERY concerned about those, but for now I focus on good things, good things being books.
So I have a new e-mail, that is literally the same as my blog name, minus a space and with an, so if you want to e-mail me for whatever reason, please do so. Unless it’s inappropriate then go away.
But I have decided that this new e-mail is the one I’ll use to subscribe to authors’ newletters and for joining cool groups like The Tsar’s Guard and The Truthwitch Street Team (and P.S. people please remember the Street Team is unofficial 🙂 while I do not believe the Tsar’s Guard is).
But anyways, I have resubscribed to The Tsar’s Guard and Nicola was kind enough to change my e-mail for the Truthwitch Street Teams, god bless her.
Resubscribed to Susan Dennard’s Misfits and Daydreamers, which I would totally recommend if you all are aspiring writings, because some of the stuff she puts, is life saving.
Especially if you are like me and don’t plan to major in English but still want to be a good writer and do all the writer-y stuff.
Also I have subscribed to Alexandra Bracken’s newsletter, and will be looking at the rest of my favorite authors to see if they have any newsletter I can subscribe to.
And I am still excited because I get to meet the ARC Phantom at some point.
This weekend I have to do my outline for AP Bio, which I’ve had to do forever, but we aren’t even actually writing the paper anymore, we’re writing simply writing the outline.
I also have to learn Origami for French and do other stuff involving math which sucks, but you know what, that’s okay.
I don’t care that I have another SOL I’m worried I won’t pass because it’s almost the end of the year, and I have a GREAT reading list for the summer, and more to come which I’m asking up the nerve to ask my mom if I can order 🙂 because technically (and I shouldn’t be telling you this) I’m still a minor with no job who lives with her mama and paps. And my mama controls my money so I don’t go on a buying spree…. Like I’m currently trying to do.
And let’s face it, it;ll only get worse when the YALLFest Author List is released.
Speaking of YALLFest, I’m in that video, so see if you can find the girl in the Game of Thrones shirt that looks utterly distressed, though I assure you my mom was probably teasing me. If you follow me on Twitter you’ve seen the picture, it’s hilarious if I do say so myself.
And let’s talk about good book news!
Guess who is writing a new book series (other than Sooz)….. Drumroll please:
Guys, guys, guys, I cannot contain, my excitement, Laini is writing another book, like I loved her last trilogy so much!!! I hope she does a newsletter so if she says something exciting it’ll go to my email 🙂 and this new book she has been calling “The Muse of Nightmares”! I sounds as great, if not even more fantastic than Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and I assure I will be reading this, begging Laini for a newsletter and stalking her Pinterest!
So that was exciting and it comes out in Fall of 2016 which is too long, but I think… I might be able to deal…. Oh no wait that comes out the beginning of my senior year of high school, shit.
Screw it!
But so now, on my list of 2016 Books will go Laini Taylor’s new The Muse of Nightmares, because Laini is deep and dark and disturbing in the most wonderful way and I cannot WAIT to see what epic adventures and new marvels await this books.
And if you want other 2016 books to check out, again, Susan Dennard’s Truthwitch, Evelyn Skye’s The Crown’s Game, Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight, Jodi Meadow’s The Mirror King*, and Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen 2*!
*= look for the first book first 🙂
So YAY! I’m so excited and I’m excited to see what else comes my way!
I cannot wait to me the ARC Phantom!
The YALLFest List will be released next month, so if you live around South Carolina, love books, have a flexible schedule, or don’t give a shit about your schedule, PLEASE come to YALLFest, or don’t I don’t actually care, because if you don’t that means more authors for me 🙂
But DO check out BookitCon, it’s in August in New Jersey and hey Jodi Meadows and Martina Boone will be there, so check it out and if you cannot go please donate, because good cause. For books. What more can you ask?

To anyone who bothers a glance at my blog THANKS and to those who don’t… Well you’ll never read this so I don’t care.

Everyone have a LOVELY weekend,
Be safe,
Don’t die,
remember you are loved,
and that you’re problems do matter,
stay out of jail,
and out of drama,
eat a cookie,
you made it through the week,
you deserve it



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