ARC Thieves and Possibly Pissy Authors?

I was only gone for two days, but those two days absolutely destroyed me.
Anywho, I got a new laptop and this will be my first time typing on it, it is a weird feeling, I am trying to decide how I feel about this laptop. It’s blue though, which is also what I have names it, Blue, or Jane, kudos if you get the reference.
So, today is the very last day of May, and of course that means tomorrow is June, which marks the official start of when YALLFest could possible put up their Author List. I can BEYOND excited for this, and of course, extremely nervous.
So a few updates:
BookCon and BEA are and have happened, they looked oober fun, yeah I didn’t go though I really wish I could have, but you know I am a high schooler and still in school, sadly. Though two weeks left.
Lovely ARCs are now out in the world, for example, Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, Passenger by Alexandra Bracken, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, etc,. and I thoroughly advice that if you are dying for one of these, like myself, that you try to get it in a fair way, though, I’ll admit I myself have not always been fair and sometimes tried to cheat, I no longer do. Although my cheating was never trying to buy ARCs off of eBay which is what I’m trying to tell you all not to do. Because ARCs are not meant to be sold they are meant to be given out for free, and honestly why would you want to spend nearly 100 dollars on a book with scenes that have probably been changed and final edits haven’t even been done. Buying an ARC benefits no one, especially not the author or publisher or really anyone, so you know, just don’t do, everyone will hate you.
Also this whole author thing, where people are getting mad at authors *cough* Cassandra Clare *cough*, Tessa’s got me thinking about all this.
I know no one is perfect everyone has flaws, everyone gets bitchy and pissy, and I do speak for myself especially around this time of year when my stress has gone through the rough, mainly because I’m tired of everyone’s bullshit.
Now I’ll start off with this: I do like Cassandra. I have tweeted her a few times and she has responded kindly, politely, and with respect. I also do like her books, but I believe we’ve talked about how I never seem to dislike books and that I do really love the Shadowhunter Chronicles.
Now that being said, Cassie can be quite to assume and snap at people and there is definitely a better way to go about it. I have seen her being snappy and quick to assume and that needs to stop. Now I understand that there is some pressure, or more like a lot of pressure probably coming from her end. She’s a very famous author, who’s books millions of people love. Her books are being made into a TV show and as a result she is getting more popularity and popularity, I am sure can be hard to handle, nevertheless, she IS a famous author and here is what I mean:
Not every author rises to fame in the YA booknerd world like Cassie. But she did. And on top of that she kept giving us more books, which is a conscious decision and as far as I can tell, she could have stopped at anytime. Would we have been sad? Yes, if you’re anything like me, you really like that world, but stress can be a lot to handle. But she could have stopped and signed off for a while, maybe get her head together before coming back, but she choose not to and with how popular The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices were, she had to know there was shit coming her way. Not everyone will love and adore you and your books.
Also she choose to sign her books off for production, and while it is true that she has ZERO control over what they do, she should’ve known that if her books DID end up as famous as they are now, that there could be issue.
Now I actually sound a bit like a bitch, saying that should she have foreseen these thing, and I know a lot of authors starting out probably don’t think their books are going anywhere or are any good, but in the back of their minds I feel there should be a little voice at all times saying “This is a very real possibility and on the off chance it does happen, I need to mentally prepare myself for what’s coming.”
So yes I do love Cassie, but she is getting a bit snappy and rude towards people, and think that it may be good to step out of the spot light for a bit and get her head together and calm down. Not everyone is trying to attack you, Cassie.
Now on the fan side of things, the way I see it, there are people like my buddy Te, who I don’t know too much about, but from what I understand she has experienced Cassie being rude and I know her love has, because I’ve seen it. That is justified. But then there are those people who attack her for no reason, just like all authors get attacked at some point and I think it gets worse with the popularity and with Cassandra it is really only getting worse because she is responding so damn drastically.
So, in my humble opinion and my round up of thoughts; I think she is being a bitch right now. I think she is for the same reason a lot of people turn into snappy assholes and it’s because of stress. But that doesn’t forgive us for being such assholes. And I really think she needs to take some time, focus on her writing. Every fan of hers can see how stressed she is and what it is doing to her, I do not think any of us could hold it against her if she took some time off.
I love her, and I am looking at this they way I would look at it with a friend who is under stress and pressure and I know the best anyone can do is relax and remove themselves from the mass majority.
Come back when your head is clear and you’ve calmed down enough to see that the whole world is NOT against you. Come back when you have time for your fans, enough to be patient with them, enough to politely answer their questions or see that they aren’t being rude or racist or judgmental or what have you. Because most of us aren’t…. Okay some people I know have been some racist judgmental assess included one of my own friends, but not everyone is.
I don’t know how else I can put it other than I like her and her books and I will always read the shadowhunter chronicles, but I really want Cassie to be like the Cassie who has spoken very politely to me, but I need her to be that way for everyone.
I just…. Gods, I need her to chill a bit. No I need her to chill a shit ton, I need her to go back to the nice Cassie not this snappy monster.
Phew… Okay guys, that was nerve-wrecking for me. Everyone has their opinions, and I will respect yours, just please respect mine.
I hope things cool down in that world, because… I love it. I don’t want to see it torn down, that was the first big serious I love….
It just always hurts for some reason to hear that people hate something you love so much, and I don’t mean Cassie, though I do want her to go back to the person I admired, I mean her serious.
I can remember listening to authors talking about getting these threats for parts of their stories I absolutely loved.
I’m sorry this turned so serious, I hate being serious, but I feel like this needed to be adressed, so I hope you all don’t hate me.

I’ll post again here soon,

-Kit Cat


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