Dog Days

*Names so because I am listening to my favorite Florence and The Machine song*
I wonder what happened to my Big Sissy Brittany.
And I need to look at Nicola’s blog. And run more scans on my computer.
I am still rooting for Dee to get a blog, she’d be a good blogger, I know it, she is so critical of books.
Anywho, still no YALLFest Author List. It’ll probably come after I’m in Florida, to be honest, be let’s be real I will not stop watching for it.
Speaking of Florida, it is almost Summer, I only have four exams. The ones I am most worried about are French and Drivers Ed. English and JROTC will be a breeze. Hell we never learned anything in JROTC, but he said it’d be an open book exam. He is only giving us an Exam because he wants us to show up for the stupid party that we have.
I really just want to skip.
Okay, so, let’s get to fun stuff. Books.
The giveaway for the Truthwitch ARC, last time I check was over 1000, so there go my chances for getting 🙂 ouch, it hurts. Especially because it is international. Yeah, if everyone who entered were in a room together it’d be the freaking Hunger Games, a Battle Royale, we’d  kill each other, unless Sooz became like Gandhi and preached peace.
Kidding we’d still probably kill each other.
There are still other ARCs I’m pining for like Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, Passenger by Alexandra Bracken, Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch, The Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor, The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye, Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi….
Of course the last three apply for when they actually… You know, when they actually release ARCs into the world.
And of course I will never be first pick, because I am a lowly blogger with basically NO following whatsoever. ‘Tis unfortunate, but I am trying.
In non-book related news, I’ve been searching for colleges with good Neuroscience programs since I think I may do Neuroscience instead of something biology, and in my search I found Georgetown University in D.C. and they allow pets and also have good programs so YAY! And if I HAVE to start somewhere else I will look elsewhere in Virginia, but I really like the sound of both American University and Georgetown University.
I doubt I’ll get into either, but I can hope.
It’d be really cool if Caitlyn and I ended up in the same university ❤ we could go to book events together, which is my dream, having good friends to go to book events with.
Also I am kind of ready for college…. I mean I refuse to waste my life away, dying to get somewhere else, but being a teen is stressful, especially when people want you to act certain ways. They treat you like an adult when it is convenient for them and a child when it pleases them, gods forbid you be a human with actual feelings and opinions.
I dislike condescending people. I dislike my sister currently because she wants me to be her friend when she need one, but when so no longer needs a buddy to play with I’m her annoying little sister who knows nothing and is less than human 🙂
On to more other stuff, I have decided I am extra excited to read Zodiac by Romina Russel especially because I know it have a sequel and I love books ten times more when they have sequels.
Also the premise of it sounds really, really awesome. And the cover is colorful.
That’s really all I’ve got for now, I have to study French later on and then go over to my friends how because she is moving.
The closest book event in terms of time, to me, is BookitCon, though mom thinks she might have not actually booked our hotel so we need to look into that.
And I am absolutely DYING for the YALLFest list, like I have been waiting forever for it. And then I’ll be dying for YALLFest in general.
Okay, well that’s all for now, I think I’ll continue my college search, so wish me luck.
And wish me luck for the Truthwitch ARC, because I really, really want to read it.
And check into BookitCon ❤
Peace and Blessing

-Kit Cat


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