A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

This is no a spoiler-free review. No it is in fact very spoilery.

So I liked it. I like basically everything Sarah writes. I’m a bit confused as to how there will be a second, but that also happened with Throne of Glass and then I was thrown into a whirlpool of “what the actual fuck” which is what I am doing right now, and I’m just going to go ahead and assume she’s got some mind-fucking shit planned out, but this is a trilogy so let’s see just how mind-fucked she can get us.

I’m pretty down with her being with Tamlin, Feyre, like I think it works.
I’m totally calling Feyre and Lucien my BROTP, fucking bless, they are assholes towards each other, bless, I am so happy, I want shit to be done with their friendship, I haven’t been this happy with a BROPT since Aelin and Rowan (since I don’t ship Aelin with anyone, period). Like I get so gigglely when I think about them, although I didn’t see him in the last few pages and frankly I’m hoping he didn’t die and I just kind of gazed over, without knowing. If he did, I missed it in denial, because I fucking love Lucien.
Now for Rhys and Feyre… I don’t ship them and I am REALLY pissed at him about the whole wine shit, but I have a feeling he and Feyre could be good mind-fucking buddies, always fighting and trying to outsmart each other.
I want to know what that look Rhys gave Feyre before flying away was for, I doubt Tammy Boy woke up and scared him away Rhys is too stubborn to let Tammy Boy scare him away, but Feyre and Lucien and Rhys, in my mind, if there was another war, which I think there will be, would be the holy trinity of awesomeness, and Tammy Boy will be the brooding main male protagonist that won’t let Feyre help him, but she will end up with him, in my opinion, unless there’s some Tahereh Mafi crap going on behind the scenes.
That’s also why I remain neutral in who Aelin will end up with, it just seems to be a cliche or repeating factor in YA the the main love interests always have this really big rough patch were they may not end up together, and sometimes, during that rough patch another guy comes in… So, that’s just my thoughts on the matter.
I really think Feyre and Rhys could have some fun together, again, not sexual, but mind-fucking, they’ll be besties, like Gansey and Ronan and I think Feyre and Lucien will be a bit like Ronan and Blue, having little banters and hating-loving each other, and this is just how I see relationships I’m sorry.
I have no idea where it’s going to go with Tammy Boy, but he and Feyre could be a power couple, with like their side kicks and shit.
Yeah so none of this is probably right, but I’m having a lot of fun in my head with these ideas, like a fucking power couple.
Gods it is a really good book though and I cannot wait to see how Sarah punches us in the gut with book two, it definitely lived up to the hype, so congrats Sarah, you knocked it out of the park and then beat us with the fucking baseball bat and we thanked you, again, and when September rolls around we’ll all read Queen of Shadows and repeat the process.
I will probably talk about this book again when I’ve cleared my head since I literally finished it ten minutes ago, and I am having trouble processing all of what I’ve just read, also I had to spread it out because of school.

So, I repeat; I ship no one, only my BROTPs, of which their are two and then there’s iffy Tammy Boy, because I’m wondering if Sarah’s going to pull a Tahereh.

Love you all, hoping for a list tomorrow and tomorrow I will also start Blue Lily, Lily Blue, or I’ll start it tonight and do another review for this book tomorrow and read tomorrow, but I’m getting reading done, bless.

-Kit Cat

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