Blue Lily, Lily Blue + Exciting Wednesday!

This is not a spoiler free review…. Nor is it a coherent one… Much rambling.

I really want The Raven King… Like now… Because Blue’s curse still hasn’t taken hold and Gansey is to die in a year…. Also I died a bit inside when Persephone died, like the book just seemed so natural and had such a good flow going, that when she died it kind of rocked me a bit like “What, wait no, no, no, bring her back now.” But no she’s dead, so fuck.
And they found Maura so that’s a YAY moment, but when the cave was collapsing I couldn’t tell if Artemus got out or not, I know Maura and the Gray Man did, I guess because when Neeve found Piper that Artemus got out, because she talked about how there were just enough people, since Morris was barely alive, to open the door….
I guess Greenmantle finally got his senses knocked into him, that Ronan and Adam would ruin him if he didn’t leave, so hopefully he’s out of the picture.
I still really want Ronan and Adam to be a thing. Noah is greatly concerning me, there’s something wrong there. I like Blue and Gansey together, but at the same time I don’t want Gansey to die, because I like him, but he’ll probably die no matter what.
I wonder why Blue didn’t see Persephone’s soul when she went soul watching? I also kind of think Adam and Blue should tell Ronan about Gansey, if they haven’t already.
I want to know who the actual fuck Neeve and Piper woke up that they weren’t supposed too, and if crazy lady is the one they were supposed to or the one that was unclear.
Stand off between the Gray Man and Artemus? Maybe?
The Blue and Ronan moment: loved it, love their bantering.
Ronan and Adam moments: FLIPPING ADORABLE.
I actually liked Greenmantle and Piper’s relationship, up until she went batshit crazy.
There is something severely fucked up in that town and I really want to know what it is, because Piper went batshit crazy, Noah is going crazy, there is something wrong with Maura and Adam…. People are acting weird, and I want answers and for them all to be okay, because really that whole Persephone thing is getting to me a bit, she just seemed…. Even as a book character she seemed so damn untouchable…
So now I sit and I wait for The Raven King, whiny, but that is okay.
I really think everyone should read The Raven Cycle, they are great books, really they are.

Anyways, next I will be reading An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, then Susan Dennard’s Something Strange and Deadly Trilogy, probably then followed by The Lunar Chronicles and then by The Wrath and The Dawn, and we’ll see how it goes from there.
I seem to be making good progress on my TBR, for the summer, however I still do have two summer assignments to do, and I have to get my wisdom teeth out which will apparently hurt like a bitch.

Anyways, on the bright side tomorrow is WEDNESDAY!!! And never have I ever been more excited for a Wednesday! Tomorrow we get our very first sneak peak at Evelyn Skye’s The Crown’s Game, especially if you are in The Tsar’s Guard! I will be on guard (ha pun) for that email all day tomorrow, I cannot WAIT to see what Evelyn has in store for us!! Gaahhh, I’m so glad I get to be a part of this, it seems really exciting.
I would really like to do something really cool, like Nicola does and create a fan page for The Crown’s Game, call it The Tsar’s Guard, but in order to do that I’d have to heavily cooperate with Evelyn and I don’t know if I’d be able to during school, but I think it’d be so much fun to make an account, dedicated to such an awesome sounding book, and Evelyn is so nice, but I feel like Nicola would be better suited for the task I really, don’t know I am just SO excited for whatever comes tomorrow with The Tsar’s Guard for The Crown’s Game, so please sign up if you have not yet done so, it will be so awesome, everyone should add The Crown’s Game on their TBR shelf on GoodReads, because it will be totally worth it!!

Also tomorrow is…. THE YALLFEST AUTHOR LIST!!!!!! Today I am going to take a picture of Last Year’s Author List so I have something to remember it by!! Kidding I actually have the papers I printed out with the time of the signing somewhere around here from last year.
And a map and a Game Plan. Yes I wanted to see so many authors I made a game plan. I remember, actually, the night before I got to see Michelle Hodkin, Becca Fitzpatrick, and Laini Taylor, I think my mom stood in the Gayle Forman line at first, because I was getting her book signed for a friend and my sister was in the Becca line and later we went over to the Red Carpet thing for Laini Taylor. The next day, my mom went to Marie Lu, my sister to Susan Ee, and myself to Leigh Bardugo, at 11am then at 12 I went to Alexandra Bracken and then because I was getting antsy, I went ahead, an hour later and started the Sarah J. Maas line.
And that was my game plan!
THIS YEAR I don’t know what will happen I do not know who will be there, as soon as the list comes out tomorrow I am going to pray there are both people I want but not TOO many people, because then I’ll have to prioritize and of course I can hope to catch most authors on their new book tours, but there is never a guarntee that they’ll come through D.C. or into Virginia in fact most authors seem to over look Virginia.
So I think I’m going to have to go with who I want to see the most, then work my way down from there. If I’ve already seen them, I’ll be willing to sacrifice not seeing them, unless Sarah J. Maas is there, I’m seeing her again. I’ll probably do it based off how much I liked their book and how they seem as a person…. Because their own character counts as much as their book characters.
But GGAHHHH I’m so damn nervous!
I’ll also have to hope that some of them will be at other book events near me, like NoVATeen or that BookitCon will get big enough that bigger authors will begin to come!
But oh I’m so flipping nervous, like what if no authors I like come, I’ve been a bit picky with authors lately I know, but I’m still so nervous. I know I can try to catch certain ones on the book tour…. Oh man…

Tomorrow, either way will me an emotional rollercoaster with Evelyn’s e-mail and the YALLFest author list and I cannot wait to post about BOTH of them, so be prepared because I will be posting about both things, A LOT, especially depending on what Evelyn’s E-mail contains and what the Author List contains.

I would also like to state how cool it would be if YALLFest promoted Truthwitch and The Crown’s Game the same way they did with The Red Queen last year ❤
There are quiet a few books I’m happy are being released next year, but Truthwitch and The Crown’s Game take the cake! Especially because I am so deeply involved in them and it feels marvelous!
I would love to be more involved in both, but alas, I do not know how well I could do the job.
Wish I could though.

So next read will be An Ember in the Ashes, something Jodi Meadows would not stop raving about. For tomorrow look out for that Tsar’s Guard e-mail, and be prepared to please The Tsar and look out for for THE YALLFEST AUTHOR LIIISSSTTT!

Happy Truthwitch Tuesday, hope you all enjoyed it!

-Kit Cat


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