The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

I still have not gotten an e-mail because G-mail is a dick, BUT never the less there are fun adventures to be had on Evelyn’s site:
So everyone should go check that out.
I have done a waiting on Wednesday for The Crown’s Game which is, again about an alternate Russia were two kids much compete in The Crown’s Game to win and be The Tsar’s Magician or to loose and die, feature Vika and Nickolai.
And being apart of The Tsar’s Guard mean that mean generally I get stuff early, when G-Mail isn’t being an arse, and generally it is really fun, plus I’m probably a pain, but I do get overly excited about this stuff, it’s fun, being apart of pre-release is fun, especially when it interests me so much like The Crown’s Game and Truthwitch, also I just see so much potienal in those books being great, hell I think they could be on their way to New York Times best selling and I know I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, but I really like the idea of these books, they’re awesome books, and while Truthwitch seems to be getting a lot of glory, The Crown’s Game has yet too, and I will seek to change that.
But aside from the little I can do there is now going to be a BIG reveal the first Wednesday of every month, for ten months, I do believe about The Crown’s Game, in which we learn about a new character, FUN, a bit like Truthwitch, but we get more characters, there will also be giveaways according to the characters, so each Wednesday of the month check your e-mail if you’re Tsar’s Guard, or go to the Character Page on Evelyn’s site, click on the lit up character to learn more about them, and then scroll to the bottom to enter the giveaway!
Fun, fun, fun.
AND MORE FUN is to come, each month, and even later today, but this is purely a Crown’s Game post, I will continue to hope, though technically I have seen it already, the e-mail, just because e-mail from authors are fun even if they are not JUST to you, so y’all pray for me, because I’m an impatient fish, and I’ll hope I actually get the e-mail, or consider signing up with a different account.
THAT’S all, and now we get to look forward to at least one Wednesday a moth ❤

Love from moi

-Kit Cat


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