An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

I must say *SPOILERS* this is one of the BEST book I have read of 2015, like wow, I mean 800/5 stars to Sabaa Tahir, I applaud her, what a good book, what a GREAT book, lived up to the hype, so much wow, amazing, Sabaa, you’ve done it, oh my god.
Now I have read some reviews that said Sabaa went a bit to heavy on the rape, I so disagree, that is such an issue, and honestly in an environment like that, rape would be common and there are so many books like that where scenerios like that would be expected, but they never actually touch the topic and honestly, I hate that discussion of rape, #1 fear, would rather die, but it is one that needs to be discussed it is glossed over so damn much.
I hated the resistance so damn much I could smell they were bad, I still do not trust Keenan, I feel like he’ll lead Laia astray.
I’m so glad Laia got Izzi out, and that Cook helped her help Elias escape, and Helene, like I may or may not ship Elias and Laia, but honestly I was hoping Elias would win the Trials and Helene would be his Blood Shrike and then he would free Laia and Elias and Helene and Laia would be the Empire’s ruling Bitch Squad like a “Don’t Fuck with Us” squad, because they are all so fucking badass I love them so damn much.
I am so glad Helene didn’t become some gushy-gushy female character, I mean yeah she got soft at times, but damn she stayed badass to the end and she never once betrayed her friend she stayed loyal to what she knew oh gods I could gush for hours.
And Laia, oh how I loved her, she stayed true to her mission, of course she kept to the norm of the female protag being a bit of a hard head, but that doesn’t even matter because in the end she faught for the people she grew to care about, she saw that there was not evil in everyone like she thought, she realized not everyone is good and people are flawed and I could rave for hours about her and how strong she became and how I literally could see her character develop that was JUST BEAUTIFUL.
And Elias, not to sound like a hipster again, but I am really not one for main male protagonist they just have this trope about them where they get kind of whiny and bitchy, which I have no problem with, female characters do too, you see it a bit in Laia and Helene throughout this book, and it gets REALLY annoying, not necessarily in this book, but in others, you tire of it, but Elias, oh  my gods, he kind of reminded me of the Stark men, of Ned and Rob and Jon (technically a snow, who cares) he didn’t want to become like the others, blood thirsty to kill and raping and mindlessly serve the Empire, and he did keep to the classic, “had a life before that” whole thing, but he still kept true to himself, and in the end chose to keep himself to keep his soul and honor and dignity, and he was going to die with his head held high and knowing he’d be free and understanding the bad choices he’d made, the terrible things he’d done. And I love it.
The only one I didn’t really see much development in, I think is Helene, but then again I was never in her head like I was with Elias and Laia and she remained loyal to the Empire, but at the same time to Elias and is doing what she is to do what’s right while still trying to serve the new, shitty emperor.
On top of all of that it focused a lot on the struggles of Elias and Laia, with an undertone of romance instead of romance pretending to be the undertone, but actually just being like another plot.

A few things I am curious about; who’s the Comandant’s informer? What did Cook mean about The Lioness not being deserving of Laia’s words? What the actual fudge is up with the Augurs and helping Laia and Elias, like are they against the Nightbringer, are they trying to stop him and using Laia and Elias to help or think that they will help? Who is the Cook, why is she so scared of the Resistance? Are Izzi and Kennan going to wait for Laia and Elias to get their to help break out Darin? Is Helene going to continue to slyly undermine Marcus, while remaining loyal to herself and Elias, are the Augurs letting her in on whatever the fudge is going on, or is she going to die for whatever weird cause it is that they’re playing at like Leander and the rest of their friends did?
So many more question I have and OMG I loved it so much ❤

So basically I LOVE this book, I jumped on the bandwagon it was a need to read, and I loved it along the way, so well written, awesome diverse characters, a good story, I cannot WAIT for book two, I have HIGH hopes for it and I am going to go tell everyone they need to read it.

Lots of love,

-Kit Cat


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