Book Rage

I am reveling in how much I love, love, love books.
I am still on a high from An Ember In the Ashes, because that book was simply amazing. Like wow, I am…. I’m going to go back and reread that one, I cannot believe I get to meet Sabaa in a few months, whether it be at YALLFest or at the DC thing, I don’t care, I just want to meet her.
I just hope no says anything problematic because I swear this is how my life goes:

Me: OMG I love this author, they are so kind and sweet, they always respond to my tweets with patience and kidness.
Friend: yeah, um…………. about that.
Me: Friend don’t do….
Friend: they’re actually assholes, let me tell you about a time they put me down, that will forever make you feel guilty for enjoying their tweets and their books.

Thus is the cycle of me making book friends.
There is also that fun thing where I scroll through my feed and I see someone hating on a book I ADORE and it’s kind of like:

Basically I get really pissed off and very offended if I see someone speaking poorly of a book, I mean, I only get really, really mad, to the point where I literally go blind with rage (I have actually blacked out from being so pissed before) if it is a book I adore and I see people hating on it who haven’t even FUCKING READ it, and even if you have I generally get very angry and defensive.
I don’t like people hating on books in general, but if someone says something such as, “It’s just not my thing,” I’ll go “okay man, I totally get it, to each their own” and then I’ll say whether I liked it or maybe it wasn’t my thing either, but I despise, certain people who, after I say  “oh yeah, I mean I liked it, but to each their own,” they’ll tell me EVERYTHING THEY HATE ABOUT IT!
Like what? I just said I liked it, and I’m here for you and everything, but I need you to find someone else to rant about this to, I loved this book, I liked it, and now you’re telling me all these thing that you think were awful and I think are cool and… And I have this wonderful thing where if someone tells me, a book someone, not like normal people, but when a book person goes I hate that book, I start to feel bad for liking it? But then I feel bad for the author, because nine times out of ten they are good people, and OF COURSE AUTHORS HAVE FLAWS EVERYONE HAD FLAWS EVERYONE IS PROBLEMATIC, but they are good hard working people, and here someone is hating on their book… Just because they didn’t really like it?
I just don’t get it, if you don’t like it fine, no reason to ruin it for someone else.
I have so many normal, nonbookish friends, who do this as well, only with popular books, I’ll say I really liked it actually and then they’re like: “Well I hate it… blahblahblahblahblah” and okay, why are you telling me this, I get you hate it, I liked it and now I feel bad for even bringing it up.
I mean, I’m just really upset, because I feel like every time I like a book or an author, someone says that the book is bad and here’s why or the author is an awful person and here is why and it makes me feel so god fucking awful for ever saying I liked that book and that author.
And I understand everyone has their opinions, and yeah some authors, some really famous ones have let shit go to their heads and can be assholes. I acknowledge some people do not like the books and that some authors are asshats, and I will tuck that under my belt.
I just wish to all of the gods, that when I say “I like this book” or “I like this author” that people wouldn’t suddenly go “oh actually” and then forever make me feel guilty about liking that author or book.
And I try not to feel guilty, because that’s their opinion verses mine, and I should think about myself, but at the very same time I have people telling me that I have to take others into consideration too.
I would just love it, if I was able to like my books and authors in peace without people coming up to me being dicks about me doing it.
And I’ve unfollowed most of the people that did it and they unfollowed me, and I don’t like loosing followers or unfollowing people, I just…. Basically I don’t feel safe, having my own opinion, on the internet and while I have found a place where I can share bookish love, there are still those few people that will attack you for having an opinion.
So I’m going to try and hold my head high and go “this is my opinion” and as for the author thing, because this is mainly about the actual books, I have never encountered a rude author, on twitter or tumblr or in real life, they have always been kind to me and if I like their books I will continue to read them and if they tweet something I like or agree with I will favorite it and maybe even retweet it, but that will never erase the fact I know they aren’t all gods and I won’t worship them.
I’ll do what I’ve said before and treat them like flawed humans. I won’t treat them like they’re Hitler or Chairman Mao or some other god awful dictator person, who let power go to their head, I’ll treat them the way I treat politician which is: acknowledge when I agree, and leave them to sort shit out when things get problematic.
So I pray that I do not get attacked for my opinion again, and that no one else gets attacked for their opinions, I really only think that people should be called out on their shit if it’s oppressive.
And if you read this and you see me tweet something from an author and you’re like “I should tell them about that authors shit” okay… I’ll be okay if you tell me. But don’t RAGE to me about it. Let me know, and then let me form my own opinion, unbiased as I can.
We’re all human, we’ve all got our own flaws and opinions.
I’m really just trying to go with it.

Spread the love not the hate.
Sometimes I wish I could unfollow the real life people who make fun of books they’ve never read. Or those asshole in the new manga section of Books A Million, who were giggling at me for carrying around Dreamland and A Book of Spirits and Thieves, like I was some dork. Fuck you.
Okay, but really, spread the love, let your fellows know if there’s something problematic, but don’t rage on their opinion, let people live, who are just trying to live.
Don’t be like my school’s JROTC. Or those asshole in the Manga section.

Like I have NO problem with Anime or Manga, but you goth looking assholes are no better with your picture books.
I have mangas, so I don’t hate it, I just hate that group of people.

I’m very angry.
Oh well….. That’s all, I’ll try to be happier later and if I learn how to unfollow real life people I’ll let you know.

-Kit Cat

-PS not EVERYONE is problematic. People are people. Be kind.


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