Bookish Love

Since I just rages, now I will try and love.
It was all of those rage gifs, I’m pretty sure. I just love gifs and they had so many good ones for rage. But now I’m in my happy place which is my reading chair, and I have two great books next to me, The Assassin’s Blade, which is like a train wreck, I cannot stop watching, and Something Strange and Deadly, which I cannot wait to finish.
Yesterday me mami took me to Books A Million and I bought Dreamland by Sara Dessen, A Book of Spirits and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes, and Incarnate by Jodi Meadows. I’ll be seeing Jodi again in August and I want to have more books for her to sign.
Also my mom came in a few minutes again, bowing with An Ember in the Ashes in here hand saying “All Hail Sabaa Tahir” so mission accomplished. I have converted her. Now I’m going to give that book to Yumiko and make her love it too. Maybe if she likes it a lot, I’ll buy her a copy and get Sabaa to sign it for her, thus being the bestest in the world.
Sometimes I get books signed for Yumiko, Yumiko is the Slytherin to my Hufflepuff.
Anyways I just want the world to spread bookish love. I don’t want to talk about books we hate, though I can’t think of any I hate, some just weren’t my thing you feel, but they could be my thing, because when I first read Throne f Glass I was like “Gods, I’m not sure I like this, but I’ll keep reading just in case” and I did and then Crown of Midnight was good and then Heir of Fire was even better and then because I love it so much by the end, I reread and was like “WOW what a great story!” and yeah, now I love it and my mommy said she’ll take me to see Sarah on her Queen of Shadows tour, hopefully she’ll come near me the week before school, because it’d be shitty if I actually like had to miss some of the first week of school.
Very bad impression on my teachers.
Also I’m still looking for the five ARCs, which I name off like Arya names her kill list:
Ice Like Fire
Six of Crows
The Crown’s Game
Those are the ARCs I’m looking for and while I have a really good feeling about the Summer Blizzard, I’m still a pessimist. But currently I’m a really hopeful pessimist!
So for book love, I like to talk about things I have in common with people, that I like, that we both like, not something we both dislike, that’s too much negativity, and nearly all of my friends are suicidal and clinically depressed I think I have enough negativity in my life, so I like to thank the authors who have been kind to me and aren’t all that problematic, authors who write great books.
I like to talk ABOUT the great books, which are all books, I love ALL books, like 99% of the time, I’m trying to think of a book I might dislike, but I cannot, I just really, really love books!
Wow, what worlds people can create just by typing on a computer!
Wow, I do not know what the fudge I would so about books.
I surely hope I can go see some authors on their release tours this year, Sarah Raasch, Sarah J. Maas, Susan Dennard, like how fun would that be wow, I hope they come through Virginia, I want to see them.
I might try to see Victoria Aveyard and Cassie Clare on their tours too, I know people, I know, but I want my books signed and they may be problematic to some, but still. It’s cool to meet authors, I don’t know what to tell ya.
But yes… Bookish love.
My train of thought was murder by my father’s father day dinner/lunch which ended badly, not that anyone other than me noticed. But that’s okay.
Everything is okay, because I am in my room again and I have my pretty books.
I kind of want to by shelves for my walls to put books on, I think that’d be cool, if I just had books going all around my room ❤ even when you aren’t reading them they’re fun to look at and the more bookshelves the better. And it gets ten times better when you have books on them. So basically what I’m looking for here are books and bookshelves and maybe someone who can help make my blog prettier.
It is rather dull and some people have such lovely blogs.
I leave for Maine Tuesday morning and I asked the ARC Phantom, also now known as ARCy to look out for four of the five ARCs up there, since I’m hopeful at winning the last Ice Like Fire ARC from Sara, I hope and pray.
I also hope and pray the ARCy maybe gets a Truthwitch and The Crown’s Game ARC, though I doubt Six of Crows or Passenger will go through, if it does then someone already took it, or they’re going to but haven’t yet, then this benefits me.
But I asked them to look about and then never replied, so I hope they got it and that I didn’t offend them.
That’s really all for now, go spread the bookish love and be happy. Find something to smile about! Read a good book.
Think about how close you are to getting your hands on Queen of Shadows or Truthwitch or…. Whatever other book you’re waiting for!

Lots of love ❤

-Kit Cat


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