Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

Guess what I just finished reading? TRUTHWITCH!
LOL nope, I sure as hell wish I had.
But a while ago, while I was hyping about Truthwitch, I realized, “I haven’t read any of Susan’s other books” and then I decided that that was kind of a shitty move, I felt like if I was going to support Truthwitch I should read Something Strange and Deadly + companions, so I had a feel for Susan’s writing, plus I don’t know, I just feel like if I’m supporting an author’s book and they have original works published, I should read the original works, you feel?
So I did, I bought the first two books, Something Strange and Deadly and A Darkness Strange and Lovely, I have an ARC (Thank you ARC Phantom) of Strange and Ever After, which I’ve hear will make a person cry.
I’m looking forward to that.
Now I’m not going to lie, this book started out slow for me, I was fresh on a book hang over from An Ember in the Ashes, like I rave about that book, so I was slow getting into Something Strange and Deadly, however, I never trust that with a first book, because I was slow with Throne of Glass and now it’s one of my favorite book series other, it’s not rare I start out slow on a book.
And I loved this book. It was a bit before the halfway mark I started getting hit with feels, and I’ve stated before that I am really not a main male protagonist kind of person, I generally go for the girls, so if I actually like the main guy then bravo, and Susan: Bravo.
Now here, I’m considering Daniel the main guy, and oh gods, I loved him. He kind of made me think of one of Tramp from Lady and the Tramp, I don’t know why but he does and I kind of sat there going:
So Basically I love Daniel and want to tackle hug him, he’s my child he’s too precious for this world and I DON’T KNOW THESE FEELINGS THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN WITH ELIAS.
I also must say I love Jie and I love hers and Eleanor’s relationship and I just kind of have my little thing over here with BROTPs (heh, like Susan and Sarah, go figure), and I felt like they were forming a BROTP, please don’t kill my BROTP, I feel like I’m going to be reading A Darkness and Lovely on the trip tomorrow and I’ll just be struck with emotions like I don’t need that, I’m going to a funeral. Granted it’s a distant aunt who I met like three times in my life.
Please just let Jie and Eleanor be BROTP, I didn’t get my Empire Bitch Squad (Helene, Laia, and Elias), gods I love BROTPs so much and they were both so impulsive like “OKAY NO TIME LET’S GOoOoOOoooO” and then I felt like Daniel and Joseph would be in the back ground all:

And then Jie and Eleanor could be all:

I found a whole bunch of BROTP gifs and I swear if I can’t use them in this series I better be able to use them when I finally get my hands on Truthwitch.
Also with Jie, as my friend has stated many times I tend to lean towards Asian women, which she said as an Asian women, and I did love Mulan as a child so I may be kind of bias, but really she and Eleanor were just so impulsive like with this: “Let’s get this shit done” “no time for bullshit” kind of attetudes and I love it, I don’t know, did I read it wrong, am I making things out weird in my head, I don’t know!
Also I’m really excited for the next book because of Ollie, like who is Ollie, I always see stuff about Ollie, but it’s never about Ollie, who is this mysterious Ollie, will I like him? Can I BROTP ship him.
I tell ya my favorite thing to do is make BROTPs.
So basically, I liked it guys, I liked the book, I’m kind of curious about the abilities Elijah was talking about so, I don’t know where that is going, but I go with the flow.
I don’t really look for much in a book other than at least three likable characters, ^^^, an escape from reality, and a BROTP, if I cannot BROTP, I’m out and I’m BROTPing so I’m in.
But really everyone should try this book, like come on, it’s like a historical zombie invasion and has a girl running around in a corset for at least the better amount of the book kicking ass, like what more do you want? Can you run around in a corset whooping undead ass? No? Didn’t think so.
So I would advise everyone go buy this book, never try on a corset they hurt (really though), and OMG I LOVE IT!
And I finished it just in time for Truthwitch Tuesday, so come at me, I feel so smug right now, I read Susan’s first book I feel cool, like I’m part of a secret club. I’m not. But I feel like I am.
Now I must go find a third and possibly a fourth book to take up to Maine with me.
I was thinking End of Days by Susan Ee (I’ve got a thing with Susan’s), to finish up the series, or Zodiac by Romina Russell because the premise of that book sound AWESOME, Cinder is another one people have been raving about, and also The Burning Sky because I have ARCs of the last two books 😀
So if ya have input, please, let me know, I leave at like 3am tomorrow.
And please, treat yourself: buy Something Strange and Deadly. It’s Lovely. Lovelier than my dog 🙂

Have a Strange Day 🙂

-Kit Cat

PS: I’m already finding BROPT gifs for Iseult and Safi, bless.


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