Truthwitch Street Team + Being a Witchlander

Well, I needed more than 140 characters to explain WHY I want to join The Witchlanders, how can I put it, oh my lord, my excitement right now is overwhelming but I have chosen some GIFs to represent how much this means to me!

SO MUCH EXCITEMENT IT IS REALLY HARD TO PUT INTO WORDS… Hhhmmmm, mkay, why do I want to be a Witchlander?
Well first off: Witches are cool, who doesn’t want more witches

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a group called Witchlanders, jeez I don’t know maybe those kids who make fun of my dorky booknerdness but that’s okay BECAUSE WITCHES ARE AWESOME!
Also I’m pretty flipping sure Witchlanders will have the best group of people ever.
Also I’m oober fucking (sorry) excited about Truthwitch!!! Gah, how I am supposed to explain how excited I am for Truthwitch? With more GIFs?

I am REALLY excited for Truthwitch, I mean between stalking Susan’s Pinterest and reading the character profiles and the snippets and the synopsis, I AM REALLY EXCITED it just seems like such a cool book and I want to be there for every waking moment of it, even if I will be in surgery not Truthwitch Tuesday I am still going to wake up and go “Where is my phone, no mom this is really flipping important, or have Yumiko man my Twitter JUST SO I DO NOT MISS ANYTHING.
I love, love, love, love this book and I have not even read it, and the Street Team and being a Witchlander, just sounds so awesome, like this has to be sorcery being so in love with a book I haven’t even read.
And with it’s characters, because I tell you what I am IN LOVE with Iseult, Iseult is bae ❤ so much love for that beautiful Threadwitch oh gods just look at the inspiration for her character:
Iseult inspiration   Iseult inspiration (Sabriel by  Sebastian Ciaffaglione)  Iseult inspiration (Banishing by LauraTolton)
LOOK AT HER SHE’S BEAUTIFUL I love looking at inspiration for Iseult is just makes me all

And aaahhh.
Not to mention, but I will mention it and I have before I FUCKING LOVE BROTPs LIKE OH MY GODS, TAKE ME NOW!
And I can tell, I know it, I smell it, Safi and Iseult will have a BROTP, they will be BROTP and I’m in love I love BROTPs and I cannot wait to have another and I have GIFs for that too, because it is my favorite thing, why would my favorite thing not have GIFs, all good things come with BROTPs and GIFs!!! And Truthwitch is a good thing so it must have BROTP, I smell BROTP, I need it, I need my lovely Safi and Iseult, oh gods, I’m so excited!!!

I love Turk and JD they were my first BROTP, but OMG
back to excitement for Truthwitch BECAUSE OH MY GODS
I am…. *sighs*….. Very excited for Truthwitch. Like, top notch, ready for this shit, let’s fucking do this, I am prepared, look, oh my gods, I feel like I need more excitement GIFs, I have SO much energy and so much love for this book and the other people partaking in all of this.
Gods, and the fan account, like Nicola runs such a good fan account and Susan is such a nice author and the people that are supporting Truthwitch are so nice and enthusiastic and fun to talk to, and eh, heh, I’m dead, fucking dead.
I don’t know how much I can explain I want to do this. Geh, heh heh heh.
I want to make a T-Shirt or draw of something, but you know I have no artistic ability, so that may be a tad bit hard, maybe I’ll enlist my sisters help.
Why is it, in my head, I keep picturing Safi running away screaming “Caw, Caw, motherfucker!” I don’t know, but I am, I’m already fantasizing about the best BROTP ever.
I want to be a Threadwitch, I want a Threadsister, come on let’s do this, I am Truthwitch ready, I am Witchlander ready, I’m totally prepared for this world. I lied. I’m not. Look at it, LOOK AT IT:
ArtStation - project /East/, Chino Rino Visual Lab
Everything about this is Truthwitch.
Hell storm by on @deviantART
Jackson Sze: market scene   Merik inspiration
Well shit, how the fuck did a shirtless Merik inspiration picture get there…
and ooohhh….. oohhhh fuck, guys, I… I’m just leaving… Mmm
Merik inspiration: Beauty Eyes, Fashion Models, Eyes Candy, Handsome Guys, Alex Libby, Hot Guys, Hadrien Inspiration, Male Models, Alex O'Loughlin
Wow, I’m so, so, so sorry, really my bad.
Hello, Aeduan... (Assassins Creed - Snow Edition by EVentrue on deviantART)
Oh look it’s Baeduan, I mean Aeduan, sorry ha, my bad I’m just leaving these fucking awesome picture from Susan’s Truthwitch Pinterest Board everywhere, here, here, lookie yourself IT’S REALLY COOL!

^^^^ There’s the link, lookie, lookie, lookie it’s so awesome, it is so fucking awesome I steal from there all the fucking time, gods I love fantasy books so much I cannot WAIT for this book, hmm, hmmm GAH this is killing me the wait is killing me, not having Truthwitch, in my possession is  KILLING ME!!!
Also, killing me? That I’ll be drugged next Truthwitch Tuesday so I’ll probably miss it D’: Oh it’s killing me, gods I am dying.
Well the pessimistic side of me says “Kit Cat, this post is fucking shit, all you did was find pictures and GIFs,” and while part of me yields to my pessimistic side, the other half of me is going: “you’re really fucking excited and you did your best to convey that with what little time you had, you’re more excited for Truthwitch than you are for your own birthday or Christmas, and you’re already fucking devoted, you’ve got this shit.” None of me yields to that side, but that is okay.
Everything is okay, because there is a Truthwitch Tuesday, EVERY Tuesday, and Susan is nice and so is Nicola and hopefully the Street Team will be announced soon and all of your Witchy dreams will come true, and you can stop bugging Susan (LOL, nope sorry my Lady) and one day you’ll get Truthwitch, even if you never get an ARC one day there will be a pretty finished copy you can put on my pretty, pretty shelves, and I’ll buy the whole Trilogy and then I’ll have them all beautiful and together and….

Gods I cannot wait.
And I will post A THOUSAND more Truthwitch posts before it comes out because it is my waiting on Wednesday EVERY Wednesday.
I believe in this author and the fans and this book and this book will be fucking awesome, and I cannot WAIT to read it ❤

So…. With Aeduan and Safi and Kullen and Merik and Alma and Iseult ❤ ❤ ❤ plus a great author, fan base, fan account A GREAT COVER:
Truthwitch (The Witchlands, #1)
Everything excites me about this book.
And… Well I can’t really say more though I’d like to because we’re about to leave but, basically:
I want to be apart of this team and a Witchlander because everything about this book and what’s going on with it, smells of greatness and I cannot WAIT to see what it holds.

much love

-Kit Cat


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