A Darkness Strange and Lovely by Susan Dennard + Book Pains

Also known as, I’m fucking crying.
However, a quarter is because of this book, the second is because of surgery tomorrow, third is because I’ll be missing Truthwitch Tuesday/ Don’t have Truthiwtch, and the fourth and final, is because I get to borrow my friends Copy of Ice Like Fire later and fuck yes.
But for now: El and Company.
All I have left of El and Company is a novella and Strange and Ever After.
I already miss them. So. Damn. Much.
And Ollie. I really like Ollie. He’s a bit sketchy, I don’t know if I trust him, but I like him, a lot. He reminds me of a kicked puppy, I just want to cuddle him close to my chest. Gah. So cute. And sketchy.
Really I’m confused, I feel like he’s bad, but at the same time he’s helping El, kind of, I think all he really wants to do is get out of there, which I can understand and he and El are both using each other for their own personal agendas, which keeps getting the other hurt, it’s really a toxic relationship, but then again, they do have stuff in common, stuff being El’s brother.
Daniel’s also a cute little puppy dog. I want to pinch his cheeks.
And I want Jie back.  Like seriously, I say I like her and now she’s gone, I am the opposite of okay with this whole situation.
Bring back Jie damn it, bring her back ALIVE, please, if you do not mind, THANK YOU!
So now I am preparing to head, to Egypt, I believe with El and Company, and frankly I am so nervous about reading the last book, I actually started an entirely new series, which is fucking stupid, because I have the second one, and I have an ARC of the last one so the situation won’t be much different.
Either way I’ll be loosing a really fun adventure with silly, witty characters, who I’ve grown attached too.
The first time I finished a trilogy too fast, it was the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu, all three books done in three days and then I had no idea what the hell I was going to do with my life, same as now, to be honest, like I really don’t want to loose El and Friends.
I started reading Something Strange and Deadly as a precursor to Truthwitch, which I am still praying the ARC Phantom will get a copy of, so then I have two Susan ARCs (cause I’m a greedy little shit), but now I’m in too damn deep and it hurts, knowing that I have one book left and then it is all over.
An entire book and a Novella.
Either way there isn’t much of El left, and I will miss her, but every book series must end, even if it is hella painful.
This also sucks, because I have A LOT of book series, really good ones, I have to finish, which hurts, because I don’t want them to end.
End of Days, the last two Violet Eden Chapters, Undivided, like stop ending and screwing with my emotions.
Luckily authors keep writing new stories though and I get to keep reading them 🙂 However I do need more money to fund my obsessive book buying 🙂
Okay. So I probably won’t finish Strange and Ever After for a few days, do to getting my teeth ripped out, which I’ve been informed will be extra painful do to the fact that my bottom teeth are horizontal, and about to wrap around a nerve, so, that’s not good, or comfy.
However this is kind of good for me, because I can keep El and Friends a bit long ❤
If anyone was wondering, I’d say buy this book and buy this series, because it’s a good fucking series, and it’s even better to read as you wait for Truthwitch.
Remember, Truthwitch Tuesday is tomorrow (crying inside because I’ll be both drugged and in surgery, that’s okay, not like I’d win anything, but I still like to watch and talk, fucking wisdom teeth), and the first Crown’s Game character Profile will be this Wednesday, keep a look out for that, it comes with a giveaway which I’m sure will be great, and I’ll be missing, because I’ll still be drugged.
So I am probably going to go, drink coffee and stalk Twitter, while reading the Novella, for Something Strange and Deadly, and then avoiding Strange and Ever After like a fuckboy, because I refuse to except the end.
So keep my in your thoughts, send me good vibes, and yeah. That’s all.

-Kit Cat

PS: I love Ollie

The Mirror King
Ice Like Fire
Six of Crows
The Crown’s Game.


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