WitchLander Entry #3 + Status Update

It is… Late.
I am sitting in my dark room, bundled up, and drinking more water than an athlete.
At midnight I will no longer be allowed to eat or drink anything.
On the little stool by my head, I have the four books which I am currently reading, The Burning Sky, Ice Like Fire, The Assassin’s Blade, and Strange and Ever After.
All of which are good books, trying to get things knocked off my TBR.
Tomorrow morning, at 8am, I will head off to get my wisdom teeth ripped out.
I am very somber right now, feeling really down and stuff. Not sure why, I just get this way sometimes. Either way, I wanted to post about Witchlanders and Truthwitch and shit before I go to bed.
I tried to draw Iseult, but it went very wrong.
So I will make another post, be it a bad one, do to my current mental state, and I will try to put into one last time, my reasons for wanting this.
I am a lover of fantasy. What is so enticing about it I cannot say, but it draws me in and when I read fantasy I feel like a burden has been lifted off my chest.
Fantasy helps me a lot. You know I read non-realistic stuff all the time.
I read Sara’s Snow Like Ashes when my grandpa died to help me cope, and now, dealing with yet another death (note to family, you better stop that shit, everything comes in threes and now I’ve lost three of you.), I have been reading Susan’s Something Strange and Deadly books to cope.
It’s a good way to cope. I’m not good with talking about my feelings to people, so when I’m upset, I simply read, and the characters take all the bad away, and Susan has been my recent savoir, so I guess one of my reasons for so badly wanting to be apart of Witchlanders is because…. Well, I love Susan and her books, and they’re *still* in the process of helping me, since I suck at dealing with people.
And Susan is really, really nice, in fact she’s too nice, and basically every thing I aspire to be.
She was in the science field for a while, which I think is too cool.
(I wish to be a scientist as well as an author, I know there are other scientist-author hybrids, but Susan’s has always stuck with me).
And… Wow, guys, I don’t know…..
I know Truthwitch will be there for me when I need it to be. If something is to happen again (which it will, I have an Uncle with ALS, was given to Christmas, oops), Iseult and Safi will be able to help.
Sorry if this is depressing, I’m kind of sad right now.
I just love the idea of this story, I see so much in it, and I cannot wait for it to come out, I cannot wait for Safi and Iseult to help me through whatever shit I’m going through when I finally get my hands on them.
I draw strength from my fictional characters, and I can sense strength in them.
Wow, this is a truly awful entry. I guess I want to be apart of Witchlanders and Truthwitch…. Because it will all pay off in the long run. It is a beautiful story, with a beautiful writer. It has greatness written all over it.
It will be a story I’ll remember and mark and quote, something I recommend to everyone who reads it, the same way I recommend everyone read Something Strange and Deadly.
Susan is a great author and person… Really, I do not know how to stress that, in my emotional state thinking about how kind she’s been to me is actually making me tear up.
I know Truthwitch will be awesome.
I am quite devastated that I will probably be missing out on Truthwitch Tuesday, or at least be coming in late to the party.
So, if you all could, keep me in your thoughts… Wisdom Teeth surgery doesn’t hurt people, but I fear I am not in the greatest state of mental health right now either.
Go forth and look forward to an amazing story, written by an amazing person.
Happy almost Truthwitch Tuesday.
Wish me luck, friends.
Much love,

-Kit Cat


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