The Crown’s Game Reveal + Giveaway #1

Today, is a very special day for it is the first Wednesday of this month, and by the Tsar’s decree, the frist Wednesday of every month a new character from The Crown’s Game will be introduced. Today’s?
Vika!!! Vika, the fiery beauty, a girl, sixteen years of ages, with flaming red hair, that holds a loud streak of black in it.
She is a force to be reckoned with and while she can control the elements, her emotions often control her.
Vika has hazel eyes and her favorite food is Blini with wild strawberry jam which looks a lot like pancakes, in which case GO VIKA! Her favorite color is “the color at sunset, when the sky is on fire”.
She longs to get off the island where she resides and one constant to this wild character, is a pendant of black stone she wears around her neck and has had since birth.
And that, my friends is the subject of this giveaway:
-Vika’s black stone pendant
-A character card
Both of which are OOBER COOL and you can enter to win here:
at Rafflecopter in the bottom, but please, read about the beautiful Vika first (I already have a crush on her, gods help me.)
And, there is also still a chance to sign up for THE TSAR’S GUARD, which you can do: right here:
And if you would like to learn more about the beautiful Evelyn Skye, here is her bio:
And she also has a Twitter and an Instagram, where you can watch her, which sounds really creepy, but she’s a really cool person, writing a really cool book, so following her is worth it.
So! Happy First Wednesday, go check out Vika, plus the giveaway, (or Don’t it’s alllll mine), though I will get ten times more competitive if an ARC is ever up for grabs, like Hunger Games level shit.
But go check out Vika and the giveaway, check out The Crown’s Game and definitely add it onto your TBR, because it will be totally worth it. Much love,

-Kit Cat


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