Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch

ARC Review
Part One: Spoiler Free
So I’m crying…. A lot. And in a lot of pain. I feel like people going into this book should be prepared. So here is my best at a spoiler free review:
So this book, especially in the beginning is A LOT of politics. And you might be like: politics are fucking boring who cares about politics?
Well, if you have ever watched Game of Thrones: that’s the kind of politics I mean.
And the part of Game of Thrones, when sometimes the politics get a bit… Stabby? That happens too.
I am literally texting the ARC Phantom right now, drowning in feels, like… The first part of the book is a lot of talking, but it gets so intense and you don’t even realize how intense it is getting until… Well later, but it is giving shit hit the fan a WHOLE NEW MEANING, I shit you not.
And… Everything you know about characters in the first books… It all goes to hell. Like might as well just throw shit out the window.
I thought I was reading Ice Like Fire not A Song of Ice and Fire.
Good thing I read Warriors as a child and watch Game of Thrones, I’m totally used to all of the betrayal and heartache and dirty politics, and I’m not okay.
Gods. What the hell even was that?
I just want to tell you all that when October 13th hits… Nothing is going to be okay.

I’m still okay though.
It’s a good book I gave it 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, even though I’m numb inside, both literally and figuratively, I can’t feel my gums, but that’s okay.
It was a cliffhanger, but that’s totally fine.
Half of the mains characters could be dead, but you know… Ya don’t know that…. Or the could die but it is fiction so….
I’m okay. Really.

Now for the more spoilery part which is directed towards those who have read and one Sara Raasch.

WHAT MADE YOU THINK THAT WAS OKAY? Theron’s betrayal? Angra’s alive, we all could’ve guessed that and I knew Theron was being a dick and running to daddy with every little damn thing Meira told him, but THIS! Siding with Angra and that bitch Raelyn, who has a really cool name but I FLIPPING HATE NOW.
Do we get to go to Paisley? Because I want to?!
What the hell do they know?
I’m pissed at Theron, that little shit.
Killing Allyson WASN’T NICE.
Killing Simon, fine, dude was a dick, but Cerie? She didn’t deserve any of that and Jesse, he is so freaking weak she deserves BETTER than him and what about Cerie’s servant I like him I want him to live?!
What’s going on in Winter? What happened to Sir or William or whatever, is he okay, is Nessa okay ARE MY BABIES OKAY BECAUSE I CERTAINLY AM NOT!
And I expect a 700 third book to happily resolve everything, because you split it into two POVs, but it didn’t start out that way. You know who else did that Roth.
You know who else’s character talked about sacrifice? Tris, Roth’s.
I’m not saying Sara is Roth.
I’m saying please don’t kill off Meira. I like her. She’s good. She’s all I trust.
Let’s NOT kill Meira, let’s join hands in prayer and NOT FLIPPING KILL OFF MEIRA!!!

Dear Sara,
I see you July 11th, for a writing workshop, let us, instead have a workshop on how cliffhangers, are not okay, or healthy for a fans mental sanity. Especially when that fan cannot shove pizza in her mouth to grieve.

Also bravo on writing a fucking excellent book.

I am so upset.

Wow, but that was a great book.

I want to cry and praise it all at the same time.

*sighs, tearfully*

Wow, okay.


That’s all folks, I’m going to go cry in the shower now.

-Kit Cat


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