Going Author Crazy

I am author crazy.
NOT ONLY do I like to read the books, I like to meet the authors too.
I don’t even care if I’ve met them already, I want to meet them again.
Like, I’m probably going to meet Sabaa Tahir, the author of An Ember in the Ashes, in September up in DC, but I might go see her again at YALLFest, because she might just be THAT AWESOME!
I’m going to be looking for Sarah J. Maas’s tour dates, both for Queen of Shadows and for A Court of Thorns and Roses Book 2, because she’s nice and I’d love to meet her again.
I’m going to see Jodi Meadows again in August, though I’ll probably try to catch her on her Mirror King tour because she’s a REALLY cool person who write really good books, and is nice enough to check up on me every now and then on Tweeter. Thank Jodi. Much love to you.
I’m literally going to see Sara Raasch a week from now, with Kristin Simmons for a writing workshop, I’m still going to try and see her on her Ice Like Fire tour, because I have read Ice Like Fire AND THAT REALLY HURT so now I’m going to scold her.
Also her’s and Kristin’s comments about book 3? Saying “I think I’m just going to make the Book 3 dedications: ‘I’m Sorry'”? NOT NICE SARA NOT OKAY.
Can’t get much more tragic, can it?
Oh it can.
It. Can.
Anyways, back to obsessing over authors, like I do.
I still want to see Cassandra Clare, even though… Well I’m not going to get into that, but I still want to possibly see her on her Lady Midnight tour, because I’ve read her books and like them and I damned well want some of them signed.
I’ll probably try to catch Victoria Aveyard on her Glass Sword tour, by the way, cover will be coming Tuesday, so look out for that! But I’ll try to catch her on that tour too, because I thought my mother wouldn’t drive me to North Carolina for the Red Queen tour, but she said she would after the fact.
I’m still really pissed, though I love my mom dearly, still really pissed that she told me to raise my AP Bio grade from an F to a C, if I wanted to see Sarah J. Maas.
Literally impossible standards.
However I will NEVER sink that low again, I swear it on my graves (yes plural).
*prays to Susan to forgive me*. I plan on seeing Susan Dennard on her Truthwitch tour as well, because I love her and her books are fucking awesome, I shit you not, do yourself a favor and go buy them.
I’m hoping to see Leigh Bardugo and Alexandra Bracken at YALLFest, so that’ll be nice. I’ve met them already, but that’s okay, I don’t love them any less.
However I’m still a bit upset I already have my books signed by them. Maybe I’ll get them to sign my kindle too, or bring a mug or something for them to sign? Still hoping to get an ARC, just throwing that out there.
They’re so big I doubt I will.
And asking a publishing company wouldn’t go down well because, well… Look how many blog views I get, very few, every so often, people will, look.
I really want to see Laini Taylor again, she was really cool. I can’t wait for more Muse of Nightmares news, that’ll be a lot of fun.
Maybe I’ll try to see Maggie Stiefvater.
Maybe the Cinder author, who I feel really bad for forgetting their name, I’ll probably learn it once I fall in love with her books.
Malissa Meyer, I think is her name. I don’t know, I feel bad, but I here nothing but goodness about her books.
Then again I heard nothing but good things about EMBER and then…. I don’t want to talk about it.
BUT YAY! YAY BOOKS and the awesome authors that go with them.
So I am constantly looking for tour dates from these authors. Because Queen of Shadows is so close to being out, I might, MIGHT, dare to tweet Sarah and ask if she has an idea of when tour dates will be out.
I try not to tweet authors anything.. Irrelevant, I guess.
Like whenever I tweet Cassie Clare I try to keep it just about her books and not spam her, because, well I’m sure you know.
I spammed Maas once, feel really bad about it, try not to tweet her now.
And I’m only curious, because Sara Raasch said she may release tour dates soon and her book isn’t coming out till October 13th.
So, I will keep an eye out for tour dates.
And I will probably let you all know when they’re posted in case you all would like to see them to and are in the US, however if they post foreign tour dates (which would be cool), I’ll post those too.
I’m REALLY excited.
Now I will probably start reading A Dawn Most Wicked by Susan Dennard, and Goodreads says it’s only 111 pages, so it should be a very fast read. Then onto the Elemental Trilogy, since I have all those books, plus an ARC, and if any of my closer Twitter, book friends, wanted to borrow it, I might be willing.
Then I’ll probably read Rites of Passage, the Incarnate Books, and Compulsion before BookitCon.
Which, a reminder, BookitCon guys.
It’ll be awesome. I’m also donating like 20 ARCs for them to Raffle off. YAY!
The body count of Raasch’s book 3 remains a secret, that doesn’t make me feel better.
Okay you all, have a happy 4th/Independence Day, if you are a United States Citizen, and please be safe, do not blow yourselves up, only set something on fire if it’s yours and you’re okay with setting it on fire, like school work or something.

Peace and Blessings to you,

-Kit Cat


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