So, turns out 140 characters is not enough for me to try and explain myself, so I’ll try again on here.
I don’t like it when people are mean to each other. And I can be a really, really mean person, or so I’ve been told.
Also, I know very damn well that authors can be rude, but the opposite is also possible, which I think fans forget a lot.
I know people who have been hurt by authors, authors who have been rude or straight up me to a fan which is totally uncalled for, but understand the reverse is possible for them.
I’ve know of authors who get scared and paranoid because of how rude fans can get, and honestly it should never get to that point, just like it shouldn’t get to the point were an author is snapping and being rude to a fan.
Also I would LOVE to point out that in some point in time everybody says something really problematic. For example: when I was late elementary, early middle school, I used “gay” as an insult. Knowing all I do now (and while I don’t know my sexuality title I AM attracted to girls), I would never use that as an insult.
Now if older people say something problematic, and someone corrects them, but they continue to do it, call them out on their bullshit, have NONE of that.
But if it is one time and/or a phase, don’t think that’s them! If people did that with me, they’d be calling me homophobic! No one, none of my teachers or friends ever corrected me when I used ‘gay’ as an insult. Who did? My mom! She has a gay friend and wasn’t going to let me use that term as in insult.
And I stopped after that, and when someone told me I was being problematic, I did my best to better myself.
So don’t just…. If someone says something bad and they fix themselves after they’re called at, that’s a mistake.
If they don’t, well, screw them? I guess.
Mostly… I’m thinking of ways fans can be rude to authors, because of the whole Sarah J. Maas thing, and the people that ship Chaol and Aelin are getting a bit out of control, I love Chaol and Rowan and Dorian and Sam and Ilias (have you all forgotten him, because I like him). I don’t care who Aelin ends up with. The story is in Sarah’s hands. It is her world, she thought of it, she created it, she went and got it published. It is her story, and while I’m sure she aware that it’s her fans that make her and her books so popular, it’s not her job to… Well please us, is what I’m up with but that’s not right.
She is pleasing us, by writing though fabulous books, but it is her story. She has control over it.
And she is a nice, nice person, you can see in her eyes when you meet her, that she is thankful for her fans. I don’t think she should get attacked over something as small as a ship.
The story is a lot bigger than who Aelin ends up with.
Now I know there are some cases where authors are rude. A prime one, being Cassie Clare. I have stated before: every encounter I have had with Cassandra has been kind and polite and I am thankful for that. But I have seen her be unnecessarily rude.
I’ve seen fans be unnecessarily rude, like when they yell at her for casting which she can’t control, so why must they ask her about it so damn often?
But I’ve seen her be rude for things other than that as well.
Also uncalled for.
But everything is uncalled for.
So, pretty much, what I am trying very hard to say, is that: whether you are a fan or an author, think before you tweet.
There is someone behind that screen and they have emotions, they have feelings, they can be hurt and offended.
I have seen, one of the most transphobic, anti-gays, sexist pieces of shit I have ever had the unfortunate luck of meeting, crying over loosing someone they love.
And I’m not saying that vanquishes all of their faults, I’m just saying it’s a reminder they’re human.
From the lowest of the low to the shiniest saint we are all human.
Never forget someone’s sins but don’t let that be all you see.
I keep saying sins, which is funny because I’m not religious.
And I know there are some real fucking monsters out there, like people that hurt children or rapists. And I despise them.
But I’m not talking about them.
I’m talking about authors.
And their fans.
And if a book ending hurts you that much don’t read it. Let it slide.
If you’re upset you have no control over how a book ends, stop reading it.
If a fan has been rude to you, let it go.
If an author has been rude to you: let it go.
If a fan or author is rude many times, them tell them to stop.
But just, please, in this community of YA, treat each other with respect.
Be kind. I know it’s hard, I want to bash in so many heads.
But we’ve got to try.

That all for now,

Peace and Blessings,

to all USA citizens, Happy 4th/Independence Day

-Kit Cat


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