The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas

Wow. Okay. So that book hurt a lot.
Not sure if it’s like a book book or a bunch of small books put together to make a big book.
Leave it up to me to sound ten years younger than I am.
Anyways, thanks to the fact that I aquired a Twitter and, you know, actually read Throne of Glass before reading The Assassin’s Blade, I knew a lot of what was going to happen.
I think the most shocking thing was the part in the Desert, that’s like the one part of those books that no one talks about and I cannot fathom why, for it was my personal favorite.
The whole Sam thing just upset me, guys I liked Sam, I mean, okay he was a bit possessive, but he respected Aelin (now that I know she will forever be Aelin to me) and tried to help her when he could.
I honestly, really wish he were alive just so he could see who she’s become, and I know Maas has said that there is no way on gods green earth (not those words exactly) that Sam is coming back, but I think it’d be really amusing for Aelin to come back and have everyone from The Assassin’s Blade and the other previous books shaking their heads, going “what the actual fuck did you do while you were over there”.
That’d be awesome.
Also, I’m looking forward to hopefully some of The Assassin’s Blade characters coming into later books. Like Ansel, and Ilias (I love him, maybe it’s just the name, I don’t know), maybe the pirate lord, Lysandra. And Arobynn, I want Aelin to take that piece of shit DOWN.
Currently he’s pissing me off as much as the king, the only reason he doesn’t piss me off more is because the king has my precious baby Dorian locked up, and that is not okay.
So, now I am sad.
Because I did sit down and DEVOUR The Assassin’s Blade and now I must wait, less than sixty days I believe, for Queen of Shadows.
And I’d ask Sarah to write more, because let’s face it I devour her writing in general, she is very talented, and on top of that I think she knows she’s talented, but is very graceful about it. So I’m just going to be grateful for what she’s putting out there now.
We’ve got two more A Court of Thorns and Roses books, we have three or possibly four more Throne of Glass books.
If you’ve looked on Sarah’s Pinterest Board, it looks like she’s working on other things, like Crescent City, which I really hope becomes a thing.
It looks kind of like Laini Taylor’s books, but with that old Sarah J. Maas charm to it, you know?
So anyways, Queen of Shadows will hopefully be with us soon, which while I’m excited for that, I’m also dreading it, because it comes out a week before I have to go back to school, which sucks, but at least I’ll be able to read it.
And I plan on seeing Sarah on her Queen of Shadows tour, not to mention I’ll probably beg my mom to let me see her on the ACOTAR 2 tour.
Basically, I’m just going crazy for Sarah J. Maas right now, she’s a good writer and a nice person, and I would fully suggest buying her books, A+, great work kids.
I’ll probably do another post on how author obsessive I am later.
Peace and Blessings

-Kit Cat

PS: Seriously check out her Pinterest board OMG


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