Book Addiction + MADNESS

Hello kids, so today I thought I’d take about book addictions, seeing as I’ve spend all morning loading books into my cart, most of which I already have.
Some of them were preorders:
-Queen of Shadows
-Ice Like Fire
-Six of Crows
-The Mirror King
-Frozen Tides
-The Immortal Heights
-Sword of Summer
-Fate of Ten
-The Rose Society
-Lady Midnight
-The Raven King
But then I went batshit crazy and I added the UK additions of all of the Throne of Glass books and the UK additions of The Daughter of Smoke and Bone books AND the new covers of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone books, plus the new covers for The Mortal Instruments and a box set with the new Percy Jackson book covers.
Plus I added the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy in all hardback, Snow Like Ashes in soft back, Shadow and Bone in hardback, Seige and Storm + Ruin and Rising in Soft back, The Darkest Minds in hardback and Never Fade in soft back.
Which all ended up coming to around 550 dollars, but I am adding a few because it wouldn’t let me add The Mirror King or The Crown’s Game.
Now: I will probably never get to buy ALL of these.
Not unless I suddenly find a REALLY good job, REALLY fast.
Not to mention I have to get through both High School and College, when do I have time to be an obsessive book lady?
Well clearly I’m trying right now.
First and foremost on the list however are books I don’t have period, THEN I’ll look for other additions of books I already have.
When when I say other additions, I mean hardback and soft back or is there a UK addition, while I have the US addition.
I do not mean ARCs.
While I AM looking for ARCs from certain authors, I do not think 1. I’ll get them and 2. I don’t even now how I’d get them.
For future referance, basically any Susan Dennard, Sara Raasch, or SARAH J. MAAS ARCs, are generally what I’m looking for I just think it’d be really cool to have ARCs, current ones, by my fav authors.
I’d add Jodi Meadows, but The Orphan Queen is current, so I’ll sit tight with that now (though The Mirror King would be nice).
Also there are always other ARCs I’m looking for by the authors you see up there ^^^ listed, but mainly I just want more additions of their books. For them to sign when I meet them.
For example, Sarah J. Maas, because at YALLFest you can only have three, and while after Queen of Shadows, I’ll have three more (ACOTAR, QoS, and TAB), I really want the UK additions. They’re pretty.
And I’m insane.
Insane because of how many books I want, that I already have and I just want new additions of books I already have, this isn’t mentioning all of the books I want already that are coming out next year and I have added a whole bunch to my GoodReads, like:
-Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie
-Flashfall by Jenny Moyer
-Ever The Hunter by Erin Summerill
-Assassin’s Heart by Sarah Ahiers
-Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh
-The Abyss Around Us by Emily Skrutskie
and more that I probably forgot to add while the chat was going on, but those are still quite a few books, basically I’m saying my tastes, are VERY expensive and I am a book-a-holic and better hope to hell that this whole science thing works out, because I’m a shitty writer so even if I did write a book, it’d be really bad and no one would by it.
Maybe I could be like Alex Bracken, she wrote a book before The Darkest Minds, and basically no one knows about it, Jodi Meadows told me, it was weird, when I looked it up.
So Picky Reader: Be happy you’re picky.
Because I will read ANYTHING, and that is getting fucking expensive.
Anyways, Nori just told me to make a spreadsheet, this could get weird and sloppy.
Maybe I’ll do some homework to clear my head, I have AP Psych and AP US History homework to do, even though it’s summer, maybe that’ll clear my head a bit?
Sometimes if I work on stuff that I can find a clean answer for it clears my head and my YA book obsession has no clear answer as to: Why the fuck is it there.
So, peace and blessings to you, happy holiday weekend USA, and that is all!

-Kit Cat


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