A Loving Book Ramble

Hello world, it is the month of July, and all is well in the Bookish world, unless you’re one of those people causing senseless drama in the Throne of Glass, fandom, you stop that shit, if someone tries to start shit ignore them, if someone posts something you don’t like, don’t acknowledge it, move the fuck on.
Sorry kids, that was rude.
Apparently this week is San Diego Comic Con, which I REALLY want to go to, but sadly am unable to, maybe one day, just like with BookCon and BEA, and ALA, or is that the same as BookCon, I’m not sure, I’d research it, but I currently must research other things 🙂
But if you do get to go to the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, first of all, how dare you, second of all, take pictures, and third, grab me a fucking Truthwitch ARC will you, thanks.
Sorry about the language, I’m passionate.
Anyways, so Queen of Shadow Tour dates are coming out this month (thank the gods), hoping she’ll be down here before school starts.
Gods I want to see her again.
And I’m currently fangirling over Susan Dennard (who is the cutest thing on this earth, may the gods help us) and Jodi Meadows, because she said she’d bring an ARC of The Mirror King to BookitCon, I’m holding her to that, but also, I get to see her at BookitCon, how flipping cool is that?!
Also I get to meet Nori, which is kind of a dream come true for me, she is right up there with The ARC Phantom, like I just ADORE her, and her blogging skills, which by the way if you want to see Nori’s blog here is a link: http://readwritelove28.com/
I love her blog so much, a really big favorite.
Also, BookitCon, PLEASE GO, oh my gods, I want people to go so badly, and Dee is going to go and I get to meet her and UGH I AM SO EXCITED COME AT ME NOVEMBER 9th!!
Plus, we’ll be heading up really early Saturday to meet up with my mom’s friend who’s a librarian and I am very excited to meet him, we’re friends on Facebook.
Someone help me make that sentence more lame, but whatever, my family is on there. How am I going to know if my… Never mind that was going to be mean.
I am half way through both Strange and Ever After and The Burning Sky, which I really need to read because I have ARCs of the last two books in that trilogy and I would LOVE to read The Immortal Heights before it comes out so excited for it!!
Gah. GAAHHH, I feel really energized I was walking my dog downtown and drinking coffee and it was great and I might go out later, and this weekend I’m going to a writing workshop with my friend, that is being done by Sara Raasch and Kristin Simmons and I am so freaking excited for it!!
And I get to meet Sabaa Tahir, which will be really flipping awesome because I loved An Ember In The Ashes, I’d have to say it’s one of my favorite reads of 2015, just throwing that out there.
And then Ice Like Fire, gods I cannot wait for the mass uprising that follows the release of that book like look out for the fucking blizzard people, that was one fucking twist of an ending.
Gods… I just feel so happy you know?
I get to meet two of my twitter friends, and I get to see awesome authors, finally meet a blogger I realllyy look up too.
I cannot WAIT for tour dates. Not just SJ Maas’s, though I really look forward to meeting her again, because I was such a lump of awkward when I met her the first time.
But also Susan Dennard’s, and Sara Raasch’s, Jodi Meadow’s, Victoria Aveyard, possibly Cassie Clare, it is debated, but still I want to meet authors ALL THE AUTHORS!
And I get to see Leigh Bardugo and Alex Bracken again, I’m very much hoping at YALLFest. And Susan Ee.
I get to meet people and it makes me very happy.
Okay. Yeah I’m fine.
I’m hoping I’ll get to hug at least three of those people.
I love hugs, by the way, I’m just a really big hugger, I don’t know if I’ve said that before, but I love hugs, and currently, I don’t know how long this will last, but I LOVE my life.
Which is great because I’ve been SO depressed these past few days.
Yeah,  okay, but EVERYTHING IS FINE and life is good and I’m hoping to run out to Wally World, and yes, life is great, and next Tuesday is Truthwitch Tuesday (the best kind of Tuesday) and they’ll announce the winner of the ARC and a poster and a bookmark and by the gods I realllllly want to be the winner, but they’ll also announce the Street Team and I really want to be apart of that too.
Gah, pray for me kids, I’m really hoping on this one…. Really, really, REALLY hoping.
I can’t explain why I want a Truthwitch ARC so bad, I just do.
I want a lot of ARCs actually, like Truthwitch, Six of Crows, Passenger, The Crown’s Game, The Mirror King, any Sarah J. Maas ARC, Ice Like Fire…. I’m an ARC junky and it’s kind of a goal to get like at least on ARC from the authors I like…
I mean I have a Jodi Meadows and Susan Dennard ARC… But you know. I’m a greedy little asshole.
So, with the book events this year, plus the ones next year, I’m hoping that this year (like a school year) will be a good one. I am VERY nervous about my Junior year.
Especially about AP US History, that teacher seems hardcore.
But hey, I have Bookitcon this year and hopefully next year to look forward too. If there are authors I like going to NoVaTeen this year, I’ll probably go see them. Plus YALLFest this year and next, I am a loyal YALLFest goer.
Someday I wish to convince my mom to take me to BEA and Boocon, up in NYC, if we actually have the time, though it’d probably be BEA, because I’m pretty sure that’s a weekend.
But if you’re like me and low on budget, in Central East Coast, like I live in Virginia, then BookitCon, YALLFest, and NoVaTeen are good choices.
Still hoping my favorite authors will come through VA or at least near here. Maybe if Maas goes to North Carolina again, I can meet my big sis.
AND I REALLY WANT TO MEET SUSAN DENNARD OKAY SHE SAID I COULD HUG HER AND I WANT TO!!! I love author hugs :’D Their the best kind of hugs.
I just rambled on for a really long time about Book Love and I’m sorry, I just have SO much love for authors and books and GAH.
Go. Share the bookish love.
Send your favorite author a hug and tell them they’re doing great.

Peace and Blessings

-Kit Cat


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