Strange and Ever After by Susan Dennard

That was one hell of an ending for this trilogy and I am still debating a strongly worded e-mail to Susan, because that hurt A LOT.
First off: Egypt, along with the Egyptian mythology, was a lot of fun. I love Egypt a lot. I have for a while, Egypt mythology is a lot of fun so I’m happy with that.
I’m not happy with the ending though. Maybe it’s just shock, because that was not what I was expecting. I thought someone else was going to die, not that person… But they did.
I’m happy about the whole Ollie situation.
I’m happy with how it ended, it was a really sweet ending, like Five out of Five stars.
I hope everyone will do themselves a favor and pick up this series.
This was a really good ending, no loose ends (thank the gods those kill me)…. Wait no shit there’s one, but I don’t actually care about it, so whatever.
*Beyond this point Spoilers*

So I’m happy Ollie didn’t end up with El after that, for a bit there I thought they actually would, though this was before Daniel went bye-bye which I’m still REALLY upset about, like I’m trying really hard not to cry right now. Really, really hard, because I’m in the living room, I’m not even in my own home.
I’m glad Joseph and Jie and El are starting the Institute and getting Daniel’s invetions patented.
But I really wish he could’ve done it himself.
I wanted him and El to run the Institute, like Henry and Charlotte from The Infernal Devices…. And for a little bit there Ollie and Jie seemed kind of cute (don’t judge me), but they did and I started to image all of there futures together and now…. Gah, that hurts A LOT.
I just remembered that they left Allison behind, hopefully she’s dead, honestly as long as she doesn’t bother El and the rest I don’t really care what happens to her.
But… Oh it is so hard to describe how I feel.
I think the last time a character death raked me this badly was the end of Never Fade and that hit me…. a day later maybe.
I have another book to take my mind off of things.
To be honest, though I am SUPER pissed about the death, I am kind of glad it happened, slightly shocked more didn’t die, but still glad.
It’s almost bothersome when authors don’t include death, it makes it less real. No matter the fictional world, people die and people suffer… Thankfully in this book there was less death and more suffering (at least they live), but still Daniel’s death especially makes it real.
I still miss him like hell though.

So from the ending of Strange and Ever After, I will continue on with my TBR, next is The Elemental Trilogy (please don’t hurt me Sherry Thomas) because I have the entire trilogy.
I’m going to continue pining for a advanced reader copy of Truthwitch, though at this point, I doubt it.

Next month is luckily BookitCon and I get to see authors *cough* Jodi, and fun blogger people *cough* Nori.
And I get to see Dee.
And this month are Queen of Shadow Tour dates…. Though I’m nervous about meeting Sarah again, not sure its a good idea…???

Okay, that’s all, I’m going to work on my story and do my best not to cry….

Possibly write Susan, dunno yet, she’s busy, why bother her.

Okay, much love, peace and blessings,

-Kit Cat

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