Bookish Excitement

So, head up, from Sunday to Friday of next week I will be TOTALLY inactive, as I will have 0 access to electronics, so there will be no blog, twitter, tumblr, no phone, computer, nothing. And then the Saturday after I get home I will be heading straight down to Florida, so I’ll have my phone, but still no computer.
But, I will be home for most of August and plan on getting some damn good reading done, as I  have a HUGE reading list I still need to get through.
Though the first week of August the only thing I’ll be reading is a textbook, but then back to normal books.
Currently, I am thrilled, for multiple reasons, most being bookish.
First of all: I am SO excited for my Summer/Fall book events: BookitCon and YALLFest, as well as whatever Book Tours I can make it to, like if I can make it to Sarah J. Maas’s and Sara Raasch’s.
At BookitCon, I get to meet an array of authors, up in New Jersey, I haven’t read all of their books, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting.
At YALLfest, I’m going to wait for a schedule to say for sure, but I would like to see Alex Bracken again, as well as Leigh Bardugo, possibly Sabaa Tahir, if I don’t see her in September, or even if I do, the more Sabaa the better. Susan Ee, is another repeat I’d love to go see, and Marie Lu, Rae Carson and Richelle Mead would be lovely if I could get to them. There are some more I might try for at YALLFest, but again, I’d like to see a schedule before I say for sure who I’m seeing, and make a plan, like who am I willing to cut out of the list, who do I REALLY want to see.
It helps that YALLFest has the night thing and the Saturday thing. I’m willing to cut certain people, but if I don’t have to I won’t.
Another Bookish Reason I’m happy: I’m part of the Clans. I am part of the Water Witch Clan, from Truthwitch, I was chosen, it was nerve-wrecking. But here I am.
Still a bit uncomfortable around my sisters, but trying to warm up to them, Gabi, especially seems nice and they all have blogs of their own, so I may put a link up to those later.
But either way they seem nice. I’m a bit sad I’ll miss this Truthwitch Tuesday, but, what can ya do?
Also glad, however, that I’ll get a bit of a detox from the Internet, hoping it will clear my head, and that being around new people and nature will inspire me to read and write more.
Always good to get out and away from the internet for a while, it can stress you out so much.
Still really looking forward to meeting people at BookitCon, I mean Dee, Nori, I get to see Jodi Meadows again, a whole bunch of other bloggers are going, can’t wait to meet them.
And I get to see Jodi again, did I mention that.
Anyways, today Sarah J. Maas posted a picture of Queen of Shadows and it looks BEAUTIFUL, I long for it so badly.
More so I long for tour dates, if I cannot see you at YALLFest or BookitCon or NoVATeen, even though they don’t have released a list for that.
But, Sara and Sarah and Susan and them, yes, I need dates, dates are vital to me, Tour Dates, I just want to see these people and hug them (maybe not SJ Maas, I don’t know how she feels about hugs and she scares the shit out of me), but other authors, yes I’ll try to hug them and take picture with them.
I’m also in need of huggles from Jodi Meadows, just because she’s awesome and A-Okay with Huggles.
Anyways, so that is about all of the bookish news I have.
I’m still on the lookout for ARCs, and that kind of stuff.
Also looking for a job, am hoping to get one at the Local Books A Million or maybe one at one of the book stores downtown.
Oh my gods, Susan Dennard is doing a signing in Chicago, I need to get to Chicago, like now.
Someone help me get a plan ticket, this is important.
She’ll be giving away a copy of Truthwitch…. This just became a thousand times more important.

Okay, I’m fine, nope, I…. Am fine. No I’m not I want Truthwitch so bad, but I’ll be okay.

Okay, Pease and Blessing,

-Kit Cat


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