Baby Bloggers

Hello, people of the world.
Today has been a weird day.
I woke up this morning and basically started to make a schedule and a plan for this school year. Somewhere in that planning I began thinking about blogging.
I like to consider myself a blogger. I mean… Well… What is this, but a blog?
But I am a baby blogger. I have only been blogging for… Four month, I believe, since March.
I’m a four month old blog, and frankly, I don’t really know what I am doing, which would probably be obvious for anyone who who’s been blogging for a really long time.
From what I have seen, most bigger, well-known bloggers, are a year old, at the least.
So I am seeing where it goes from here, nevertheless, I am frightened. Why? Because I doubt myself a lot.
I feel like a failure of a Book Blogger.
I’ve been busy, so I haven’t been reading as much as I like, I often forget to post, and by the time I remember it’s too late. I don’t go to a lot of signings and big book events, like BEA and BookCon, though I’d like to, and I don’t interact with other bloggers a lot.
I do have a few ARCs, but…. Well I don’t get them the way most bloggers get them.
But…. I guess it’s kind of important to just keep reviewing books and trying to get people to review them.
I keep doing things I consider embarrassing, which then leads to a feeling of being judged and not good enough, but… Don’t let that stop you from blogging and promoting books.
And here is even more truth: I don’t remember why I wrote this. Originally there was a plan, but I got to my laptop and totally forgot it.
Just… It is really scary being a baby blogger, maybe the equivalent to being a new author, because it’s so unknowing. You could sink or swim, or just be in the middle ground.
And to be honest, other bloggers, while some are very nice, are not that helpful.
I don’t know if it is because they didn’t get help when they were creating their blogs or if they’re just being mean, but they generally don’t seem to want to help, and think everyone should do it on their own.
So… I mean, I’ll help how I can, but I’m still a baby.
But I will continue to do my blogger thing, and review, and talk to authors, about themselves and their books.
I’m not going to say “Don’t worry, Don’t be afraid.”
Be a bit worried, and kind of afraid. Just don’t let it consume you.
Keep reading.
Keep reviewing.
Keep talking about it.
Keep talking to other people. *Other people don’t have to be bloggers, just talk about books.

If books are you’re passion and blogging is how you release excitement and opinions about books…. Just keep doing it.

Peace and Blessing,

-Kit Cat


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