Authors I’ve Met + Impressions

I’m so very bored and in a procrastination mood, plus I was thinking about authors I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and felt like talking about it somewhere.
Fortunately this blog doesn’t have too many followers 🙂
So let us begin.

Author: Alexandra Bracken
Impression: Rushed
Info: I met met Alex at YALLFest, 2014, and her line was already half way to wrapping around the building by the time I got to it. And the lady spent so much time talking to the first few people in line that by the time I got up there the YALLFest volunteers were rushing everyone.
However she seemed nice and I look forward to seeing her again.

Author: Michelle Hodkin
Impression: Sweet
Info: Another 2014 YALLFest author, Michelle was kind and sweet, very adorable, kind, she seemed thoroughly interested in her fans. Her line was also an incredibly long one, but I was basically second in line. She was very graceful and I hope I have the pleasure of meeting her again.

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Impression: Nice
Info: Like many, Becca was a YALLFest meet. I was nervous with her at first and then we began talking about how much we both liked Vee and I felt a lot better.

Author: Laini Taylor
Impression: awesome
Info: YALLFest 2014, I met her at the Friday night meet, woman was amazing! Graceful with all of her fans, patient, interactive, vivid, animated, I hope to meet her again one day.

Author: Tahereh Mafi
Impression: Wow
Info: YALLFest 2013, I’m don’t remember interacting with her, just her outfit and it was amazing. Also she was a lot nicer than I thought she’d be… And prettier. I’d never seen a picture before I met her so….

Author: Marie Lu
Impression: Double Wow
Info: YALLFest 2013, I’m pretty sure her outfit was cute as hell too. She’s also just an adorable person, plus I was really happy because her line had gotten cut off before I could see her the first time and she came back to do signing again, so I though highly of her for that.

Author: Morgan Rhodes
Impression: enthusiastic
Info: At NoVaTeen 2015, since I’d been bothering both Morgan and Sara Raasch on Twitter all morning, when she realized it twas me, she was more than happy to sign everything I brought and more, I got a signed poster from her and didn’t even have to ask. Love that lady.

Author: Leigh Bardugo
Impression: FUN
Info: Also last years YALLFest, Leigh was my first signing of the day, something which always makes me nervous (what if I screw up?), and when I got to her I told her I was nervous. The nice author lady made me laugh and was patient enough to wait while a volunteer tried to work my mom’s phone and take a picture. I cannot wait to meet her again!

Author: Susan Ee
Impression: chill
Info: last year YALLFest, and she was totally calm, just at ease with everything around her, talking with fans and signing. If I’m ever an author I can only hope to be so calm, cool, and collected.

Author: Veronica Rossi
Impression: adorkable
Info: 2013 YALLFest for once, and she was simply adorable… She might have been my first of that day because I was so nervous, but she just gushed about how excited she was for Through the Ever Night and for me to read it and I was amazed by how awesome she was. Stay awesome Rossi.

Author: Sara Raasch
Impression: The Best
Info: NoVaTeen 2015, I loved her, and I think it’s because when she realized who I was she hugged me, either that or I was hallucinating, but I’m pretty sure it happened. Anyways she is awesome, and also incredibly patient with me because these days all I do is ask her for Ice Like Fire tour dates ❤ much love to you Sara.

Author: Jodi Meadows
Impression: Friendly
Info: She’s probably the only author I’ve ever actually met on a book tour, or outside a book festival. And then I went to see her at a festival, but the first time I saw her, 1. I was nervous and 2. she was just so put together and somehow I stayed there for three houses with her and another girl, having conversation after conversation, like she was just another one of my friends.

Author: Sarah Glenn Marsh
Impression: awesomesauce-chill
Info: at BookitCon, twas where I met this nice person. First off she just reminded me of some of my friends, just her appearance. Then we have the fact that she considered bringing me a Kit Kat bar, which is totally, a hundred percent, my friends. So awesome and chill, and her book isn’t even out yet and I met her, which will probably continue to be one of my favorite accomplishments.

Author: Martina Boone
Impression: Put Together
Info: BookitCon, though I also met her at NoVaTeen, I only count BookitCon, because I actually had her book then and she was just calm and elegant, so well put together, I’m envious.

Author: Seth Fishman
Impression: Goofball
Info: NoVaTeen 2015, and he was upset because of a very big signature on my mom’s signing sheet, so he signed really tiny, and then I demanded he sign it larger, which is the story of how I now have a signed poster on my wall 🙂

Author: Sarah J. Maas
Impression: unbelievable
Info: The EVERY last signing of YALLFest 2014, I attended. At this time I did not know how epic Sarah’s book were nor was I aware how popular they were until I saw her line start turning into a rolly polly. But, I will forever be amazed, when I look back, at how gracious she was. For an author so famous, you wouldn’t be able to tell (trust me you can with some of them). She greeted me with a giant smile and her pens ready to sign. Asked me about my time at YALLFest and was just… amazing. Of course I was nervous, so I didn’t really say anything. I didn’t know how popular she was at the time and I was first in line. Not to mention I hadn’t finished Heir of Fire and felt kind of ashamed for not having finished it before I met her, but to be honest, she just just so open and graceful and kind that it wasn’t as bad.
Hoping my second time around meeting her will be just as amazing if not even better.

So that is all I have for now.
I have actually met more, there are some more YALLFest 2013 that I can’t remember enough to talk about, and I met everyone at NoVaTeen and at BookitCon, but just did the most prominent in my memory.

This year I am hoping to meet more authors, new and old, again or for the first time ever.
I hope everyone else get to meet authors they admire and have just as lovely experiences.

Peace and Blessings

-Kit Cat


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