The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

First off this book was amazing.
Five out of five stars to Heidi for this amazing, amazing book.
I will do my best to gush and write a spoiler-free review for you all.

Okay, well what can I say: I never really saw myself reading a time travel book, which is what I thought this would mostly be and, well, what it is.
And when I first heard of it, I felt for Nix, with her existence on the line, and wanted to read and find out where it was going… And it went both where I thought it would and everywhere else.
This book has fantasy, Hawaiian myths, different times and places, different versions of those times and places.
The Girl From Everywhere had aspects of family and love that I feel like I rarely see in book and honestly this book was like a refreshing drink of water after going for a run on an August day.
I loved following Nix around, I love her adventures and attitude, her friendship with Kashmir was beautiful, just like Kashmir.
Plus the rest of The Temptations crew, Rotgut, Bee, and Ayen, are freaking amazing, I don’t think a book has ever had me laughing so much, between Kashmir, Bee and Ayen.
And then crying especially towards the end of the book. Slate and Nix’s relationship is strained throughout the book and towards the end everything just gets so emotional I wanted to cry, like, a lot.
And I supposed Blake was okay too, I have a grudging affection towards him.

The way I acted, emotionally, was the same way I did with Sense8, crying then laughing, and everything felt right.

But over all… I loved it.
I’d rec it to anyone, and I’m sorry for the poor review, but this book truly had everything I wanted that plot was full of fantasy and myths and mysteries, love and death, and how far we’ll go to get what we want.
The love and the friendship and everything going on, this is a book that everyone can get down will, and forgive me as I go around recommending it to all I see, because to be honest…. I couldn’t be more please.

This book was that feeling of satisfaction after reading a great book. It is a hug to the chest, giant smile, ‘I feel great’ book, that you mark up with sticky-notes and then go back to reread all the time, because you want to relive every second of it.

For a while now I have been craving 2016 books, and The Girl From Everywhere was the first one I got and read, and let me just tell everyone who reads this that 2016 books, if Heidi’s book was any implication, if going to be a great damn year for YA books.

This was an epic adventure, and I cannot wait for all of you to join me.

With love,

-Kit Cat

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