Symptoms Of Being Human by Jeff Garvin

I feel like someone at some point will get pissy at me for give two books in a row five starred reviews, but they’re just that good.
2016 is a good year for YA, what did I tell you?

I do not generally read contemporary at all, and I surely remembered why when I read this. And that is far from a bad thing.

Here is the thing… For many people it’s hard to wrap their head around anything that involves the LGTBQ+ community, and you’ll hear things liked “it’s a phase” or “it’s bullshit” tossed around, and kids who identify as something other than what is usually tossed around get harassed and it can get bad.

And for anyone who wants insight into what that is like, I’d offer up to them Symptoms Of Being Human. It is insightful and creative and… Real. Very, very real.

Especially towards the end that was all I could think of is how real that sort of thing was. It became vivid that there are people like Riley who some days are male, some days are female and they struggle and they suffer.
Symptoms of Being Human highlighted that.

I honestly feel like this should be required reading in high school or something, it is so eye opening and I personally feel that if more kids could just understand how bad it gets, it wouldn’t get that bad that often.

And it is not a bad read. Riley is a truly relatable character. The amount of kids I know with serious anxiety and gender or sexuality issues?
Not to mention their snarky attitude towards everyone! I could related like crazy to Riley. Not necessarily the Genderfluid thing, but other struggles?
The thing about this book is Riley is human. You feel that all the way through and you never forget it. Riley is a person and their struggles seem so unfair and evil, and at the end of all of it… You remember it is real.

Is that the purpose of this book, who can say? But it sure as hell has had a major effect on me.

Also… It’s not just about our Genderfluid, anxiety ridden Riley… Riley has a blog, so let’s just puts it more close to home.

And all of the side-characters, lord help me, did I have fun with them, laughing at every damn thing they said.

Honestly right review is just hard, especially a non-spoilery one.

But this book? It’s a damned gold mine.

And I don’t care what your preferred genre it, this is a must read.

Add it to your TBR kids, Symptoms Of Being Human by Jeff Garvin, coming to you February of 2016.

Remember to be open minded

-Kit Cat


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