2016 Titles In My Reach

Hello everyone.
So today I received more books. One is simply for loaning purposes, sadly, but at least I get to read it.
Today, since I will not be reviewing as I just got it (hopefully the review will come tomorrow night), I will be letting you know what I have and what I hope to be reviewing.
Sadly still no Truthwitch, which, according to the friend who gives me these I’d “give my kidney for” which is debatable, I like my kidney.
That being said she’s still looking for it for me, like she has been, though I doubt she’ll get it, the thought is very nice.

So for the next few days, between cleaning and prepare for school I have a massive reading list.

Starting with the Book I’m hoping to be reviewing and getting back to my friend by tomorrow:

Glass Sword (Red Queen, #2)
Glass Sword by ever murderous, but lovely Victoria Aveyard.
I am not very far in yet, but so far so good, and hopefully tomorrow it will be done and reviewed, because I’m on a 2016 ARC spree. And also I have to give this back to The ARC Phantom, they require it back and I want to see them again, because I love my bookish friend.
But I still want to steal this and run away with it, calling it “My Precious”, which wouldn’t shock anyone, because when I was like eight, Gollum was my favorite character in that Trilogy….
I… I’m not sure, BUT ANYWAYS:

Then after this I know for sure I will be reading this:
The Mirror King (The Orphan Queen, #2)
The Mirror King by the most fabulous Jodi Meadows, who I love very, very much and I am so happy and honored to have an ARC of this that I get to keep, my friend is my favorite, they have no idea what they mean to me when they present me with these, and I feel extra honored because I also read an ARC of The Orphan Queen, the first ARC I believe I ever read, plus reviewed, I’d neither read nor reviewed an ARC before Jodi’s came along so ❤

After that it’s unclear but I do have the following choices:

Burning Glass
SO SO SO happy to have an ARC of this, this is one of my MOST anticipated reads of 2016 and Kathryn Purdie is such a delight, I just signed up for her newsletter, which you can do as well on her website.
I’ll most likely read this after I finish The Mirror King ❤

The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire, #1)
I received this baby as well today, so I don’t know when I’ll get to it, but it’s 2016 so you can be damn sure I will get to it. With much love. 2016 is a great year already.

Assassin's Heart
Then of course we have The Assassin’s Heart, which I was going to read yesterday but had a fantasy overload and needed something else, with a stark difference, like Symptoms of Being Human, which really did help and I couldn’t focus today because I knew I was getting my new friends. But I will be reading this, I swear don’t kill me.

Reign of Shadows
Of course we have the usual suspects, Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan, which looks marvelous and the cover reminds me of Caroline, with you all read the book or watched the movie, like I did, and was terrified.

Sword and Verse
And then we have Sword and Verse which is actually high on my profile because it kind of sounds like An Ember in the Ashes and of course I loved that, a lot so this one strikes my fancy.

And then I have four more, that I have not listed, two are apparently 2nds in a series, or such? One I am unsure of and the fourth is the last in a trilogy and I still need to read the second, speaking of which along with these I will be reading The Perilous Sea since I have the finale for that series as well.

If you have some input as to what I should read after The Mirror King/Burning Glass, please let me know because Glass Sword, The Mirror King, and Burning Glass are the highest on my 2016 list of those that I have.

I still don’t have Truthwitch and they honestly probably blacklisted me 😥
I refuse to hope, but at this point I have too many 2016 titles to read to actually be complaining! I’m sorry.

I’ll post pictures of them later, but some of the proof is in my avatar.

Help me, and certain of you… Enjoy.

Much love,

-Kit Cat

PS: after my ARC adventure I’ll need help choosing which published book to read because…. I haven’t read a published book in what feels like forever now.
Send help.


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