Weekend Recap

Good day friends!

For those of you in the US, Happy Labor Weekend! I am currently enjoying my last lick of freedom before I’m thrown back into the prison that our country calls Public School.
But that is okay because this weekend has been particularly great!

Let me start with Saturday. It was The National Book Festival in DC, and it was great. I do not have very many pictures from there.
My mom, sister, and I woke up at around 6 A.M. to go take the metro up to DC. Since signings didn’t start until the afternoon, we spent all morning going through the US’s 50 states and three territories, which they had little booths for. We collected many, many road maps (just for giggles) and gathered all the posters and free crap we could get.
My sister kept going back for candy.
I got to meet Sabaa Tahir and Dan Wells, though my mom and sister were more excited for Dan Wells than I. We have two of his ARCs, plus the French addition of Ruins.
Sabaa was lovely enough to sign a book for my best real life girl, Yumiko (thank you Sabaa!), she ever wrote Happy Birthday for my friend. Always kills me how great authors were.
Dan Wells did great with keeping to the strange, quirky male YA author thing, I have yet to meet a male author who isn’t weird and quirky and funny (but I’ve never met an NYT Bestseller male author, I’ve heard they’re kind not nice?). Either way, he was hilarious, we congratulated him on his new baby, and he seemed very thrilled that my mom had Bluescreen, his upcoming book, which was very good, at least according to mom, I’m not reading it right now.
I also got to see Dee, my lovely, lovely Dee.
Embedded image permalink
She’s so cute and I look like a creeper, Jesus.
And I got to see two of my book friends from school, that I actually like, I didn’t take pictures with them though.

Then came Sunday, or yesterday, and it was GREAT!!!! Even better than Saturday believe it or not!
So first off, we woke up at 5-6, I think it was six though.
We drove alllll the way up to Philly, twas a wonderful drive, mommy and I jammed out the whole way up there it was great.
So we went to the Franklin Institute, because me, being the Mongol lover I am, just had to see the Genghis Khan exhibit.
So we did that, it was smaller than I wanted, but still pretty great,

So that last picture is a pendulum , a really, really big, pretty one. I believe it proves the the world is spinning, that Earth is ever rotating, kudos to you if you know how it works, I don’t. I didn’t pay attention in 8th grade sorry.
But I LOVE the Mongols, favorite portion of history, I loved how they had woman fighting along side the men, shoutout to nomadic groups.

But then came the highlight of Sunday. The Sarah J. Maas signing.
We got there early and let me tell you I was shaking the entire time, I was so nervous, but we were among the first ones there.
I’m not going to lie, to anyone who hasn’t met Sarah or seen her in person, her author photo makes her look a lot scarier and more intimidating than she is.
She’s very adorkable and sweet and…. Oh my gods, she is amazing. I swear some authors you can just tell they’re famous because they have this weird air about them that’s almost snobbish and then there’s Sarah who seemed shocked by how many people there were yesterday. And there was a lot.
But anyways, I was in the second row, with Dee’s friend Emma, and I’d like to say we had a nice long talk, she is amazing as Dee is, I wish they went to my school.
And then Sarah came and just…. I actually cried a bit from laughing so hard. It was possibly some of the best… Things I have ever heard.
And if you are curious, I totally lurked her, during the interview:

You can tell I was sneaking them, I was trying so hard to be nonchalant. Also those questions were the best, with the Bad Blood squad, what kind of food would your characters be, nick names for Sarah, and her nicknames for other certain authors.
Then we all lined up for signing, via numbers on the bracelets we got, I was 24 (I love being close up in line, it’s my favorite thing ever).
And I was shaking, literally, when it was my turn to go up, and when I’m nervous I become a complement monster.
But I did and was EXTRAORDINARILY  shocked to learn that Sarah recognized me from Twitter, probably one of the most embarrassing but greatest things that has ever happened to me, and she hugged me, and I’m not going to lie, I feel so bad because I was so gross and sweaty, but I’m still happy.
She’s is like top five, number one, favorite author, on top of being an NYT Bestseller, somehow remembered me (I bother her a lot, oh my gods), and gave me a hug.
You might as well think I’ve won a billion dollars from how excited I was.
But that is the second time I’ve received and author hug, and it was amazing. I love hugs especially when they come from my favorite authors ❤
Embedded image permalink   
I’m glad we have photo proof that happened or else I’d never believe it actually had. And I can;t be mistaken, because of my backpack an my Franklin Institute yellow band.

But…. Oh my gods, BEST weekend ever.

So today I’ll be doing one more post and then prepping for school tomorrow 😥
I don’t want to go, but, it will be okay.
On the plus side I’m getting new bedroom furniture today, so there is that and I’m making plans to see friends tomorrow and I am SO excited for that!

This has been THE BEST weekend ever.

And honestly, so far, this year is looking up.

I get to see Sara Raasch, October 21st, in Richmond.
At YALLFest I’m going to go for seeing Victoria Aveyard, she’s my number one goal, along with Leigh Bardugo (again) and Alex Bracken (Brackattack) (again).
Plus other authors I’d love to see if I have time, but those three are my holy trinity of awesomeness, that I’m dying to see this time around.
Not to mention sometime in the next few months I’m expecting tour dates for Truthwitch, plus all of the other great 2016 books that are coming out.
I’m also trying to acquire money so I can buy the UK additions of certain books *cough* Throne of Glass, *cough*.

And I hope everyone had an equally enjoyable weekend, and if you’re like me and going back to school tomorrow, I hope all goes well for you ❤

Peace and Blessings,

-Kit Cat

PS: I learned Sooz calls Sarah Sadie Lady, which is what we all my sisters doggy:


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