Blogger Appreciation

Hello friends, I didn’t feel very motivated today, but then I decided spreading the love is a good idea, so here are a few of many lovely bloggers I stalk and admire:

Blogger: Liran
Twitter: @EmpressLiran
Why: She’s amazing and oddly a lot like me + book reviews and fangirl status = amazing. Plus she’s…. She’s just an all time favorite. I cannot express my love, other than via word vomit, for that I apologize, but trust me she’s a delight and a treat. 🙂

Blogger: Gabi
Twitter: @booksablog
Why: Gabi is both an amazing reader and fangirl. Plus she’s a fellow waterwitch and has a clockwork angel necklace. Also she’s my favorite little fish.

Blogger: Deanna
Twitter: @deeschwazy
Why: Dee is confident with everything, which just makes her reviews all the more better. And she likes Gilmore Girls, you cannot go wrong with someone who likes that show.

Blogger: Wesaun
Twitter: @epicbooklover
Why: Wesaun is amazing, not only with book reviews, but does not back down when it comes to her beliefs. She’s a dragon for a reason.

Blogger: Nori
Twitter: @ReadWriteLove28
Why: Who doesn’t love a blogger that is simultaneously a poodle? Not to mention Nori is another who doesn’t back down from her own opinions.
Also let it be known she is the most helpful blogger I have ever encountered and I swear one day I will pay her back for being so amazing.

Blogger: Charlene
Twitter: @bookishwhimsy
Why: Charlene is both patient and polite and her taste in books is superb. < that is very short, but let it be known, Charlene is a queen.

Blogger: Carine
Twitter: @CarineCeres95
Why: Carine is not only an amazing book blogger and marvelous book enthusiast, but also great supporter and in for a good laugh.

Blogger: Katrina
Twitter: @BookishThings
Why: Katrina’s book reviews are smooth and put together, meanwhile she herself is marvelously awesome.

Blogger: Stephanie
Twitter: @S_InWonderland
Why: on top of being a great review and friendly person, Stephanie is funny and supportive.

Blogger: Kaina
Twitter: @theseflyinpages
Why: First: she has great taste in books, and is plain out fun to talk to, but we also both feel the struggle of school work, and I love her for that.

Blogger: Kim
Twitter: @DreamingLibrary
Why: Not even sure where to begin with Kim, other than her book taste is on point, she is humorous in a way I love, and always seems up for a good challenge.

Blogger: Louisse
Twitter: @louisse_ang
Why: Louisse has killer book blogger status, plus is more understanding, awesome, and amusing than I initially believed. Also she has some real struggles going on, I can relate to.

Blogger: Candid
Twitter: @candidcover
Why: She is amusing and marvelous and I could probably rave about her great ideas and fab book choice all day, to be honest.

Blogger: Claudia
Twitter: @penmarkings
Why: Claudia is very adorable, plus her book reviews have the ability to influence, on top of that she’s Little Fish’s twin so no wonder I like her so much.

Lastly, but never, ever least:

Blogger: Avid
Twitter: @AvidReaderBlog
Why: Avid is an A+ cheerleader and totally down with talking about bookish opinions and not one to shy away from fangirling. Love this one to death.

So I hope people take time to check out these blogs, and these people, because these are some quality beings, even if you only ever see them through the interweb.


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