Blogger Love!

So for today I am going to give out a little Blogger love, appreciate some of the phenomenal bloggers who amaze me with their kindness, friendliness, and their amazing blogs.

First off, I’d like to give love to all of the WaterWitches. They are an amazing team and I have never worked better with a group of people. They’re chill, calm cool, and collect, just like water (ooohhhh) and if you want to check them out individually here you go:
Lousisse Ang, Carine, Olivia, Gabi, Stephanie, Charlene, Kaina, Katrina, Alyssa, Kim, Ale,  and Madeleine.

And those are ALL the Waterwitches blogs, and they are all truly amazing people, so people go give them a look!

Then Liran!
Liran is my twin. We’re pretty much the same person, and I can basically guarantee that if you like me you’ll like her, because we are one in the very same.
I have never met someone I feel so okay with fangirling with and I don’t know if I can stress how big a deal that is.
She is phenomenal.
Liran’s Blog.
Pleas check out my twinsie!

Now for Brittany who is my Doughnut Partner in crime, who often manages to make me crave doughnuts, which especially sucks when I DON’T HAVE ANY!
But either way she is amazing and I’m really hoping I can go up to NY for BEA 2017 and see her, and maybe we can feast on doughnuts together ❤
Here’s Brittany’s Blog! 

Faith is one of my favorite people to walk to in Book Chats, she’s always there like me, and has also been dubbed Little Bunny, I believe by Gabi? But anyways she is amazing and lively and I just want to give her a great big hug!
Here’s Faith’s blog!

Now for Wesaun!
Wesaun is Little Lioness, or Dragoness, which I call her because she is powerful and strong, very protective, never backs down from what she believes in, and her support for everyone in the bookish world is basically what inspires me to spread so much love.
So when you see all my Loving Spam, know that Wesaun is 50% of the reason I Love Spam.
Here’s Wesaun’s Oreo/Book loving Blog.

Now for Ray!
Ray is amazing. And when I say she’s amazing here is what I know: I get nervous every time I’m about to meet an author, and she just soothes my nerves. When I’m whiny and complainy and sad, she magically appears, with glorious virtual comfort.
Also she has mad blogger cred.
Here’s Ray’s Blog!

And for the Poodle.
The Poodle is the other half of the reason I spread Bookish Love, and more, because I see her spreading love and I’m like yeah, spread the love, I can do that too.
So when I spread love, know it is partially because of the Poodle.
Here’s the Poodle’s Blog!

Finally for SHARON!
Sharon has been with my on Twitter, probably sense around when I got my Twitter, and she is much like Wesaun or Ray, she is one of the magical beings that seems to sense when I need comfort, which isn’t too hard, seeing as I broadcast it to the world.
The thing is she give me so much love and guidance, that I feel I should return the favor. Sharon is everything wonderful, kind and sweet, she has never attacked me for my views or thoughts, she just gives love and support where it’s needed and is always there for Bookish Wonder Love.
So spread the Bookish Love with Sharon as well ❤
So here is Sharon’s blog, which it would do you GREATNESS to go and look at!

They are all amazing people, and it would do you all so much greatness to check them out and give them a follow.

These are some of the greatest Book Bloggers the web has to offer you.

Peace and blessings,

-Kit Cat


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