YA People Are Amazing People

Hey friends.

I meant to write this post hours ago, but WordPress wouldn’t load, then I meant to lie down for a bit before getting up and doing homework, and “a bit” turned into two hours.

You all might have seen what I tweeted early about my English teacher and YA.

Today I learned my English teacher contradicts herself a lot.

You see when she brushed off YA it was because it doesn’t have a very big vocab. And when I say “big” I mean, I don’t need a dictionary sitting by me when I read it.

And yet early, last week probably, she told us we really shouldn’t be using giant words.

So… I don’t know what to do.

What I do know, is that her brushing off YA like that made me think about how others brush off YA, which lead to a raging rant in my head that’s basically been going on since she said that, with a little break to be annoyed at the boy that literally put me in a choke-hold trying to take MY phone, but that’s not about YA, so..

Guys I love YA. It is basically why I am the way I am today.

The way I am when I meet book people is shy and nervous, I get warm and uncomfortable.
I used to be that way around EVERYONE.

And then I read more.

My favorite characters are generally the protagonists best friends. And because of that I adopted some of the traits I see in them.
For example, I became more outgoing. I’ve become more helpful, more loyal to friends, kinder.

In general I’ve also become faster to welcoming people into my life and less stressed about what others may think about me and my friends.
As long as they leave my friends alone, I’m fine.

And I have basically made it my life to become my friends’s secondary character, because I LOVE THEM!

Like James (TOQ), Simon Lewis, Jie (SS&D), Graystripe (Warriors), Zuzana (DoSaB), Vee (Hush, Hush), Sam (Lorien Legacies), Jamie (Mara Dyer), Chubs (TDM) and so many more that I know and cannot think of their names right now, but they are the reason I’m friendlier and nicer than I was before I read YA.

I live my life like a secondary character, and my friends are my protagonists and I will fight you for them, despite being a limp noodle.

So… I’m sorry if I take a lot of offense to people insulting YA, but considering other than school and friends, it’s what most of my life revolves around?

And it’s where most of my aspirations come from.

I mean, authors, they’re encouraging their readers to follow their dreams all the time. No matter what the dream is they’ve got your back.

And both the readers and authors are so supportive and open, I don’t like people insulting a group of people that will basically fight you on any controversial topic and hold strong to their beliefs.

Friends, I am sorry for the rant.

I love you all a lot, and you all have done a lot for me, and at least most of you accept me, and compared to my real life it’s pretty nice, so when people insult the books that have done so much for me and the community that comes with them, I get offended.

And I didn’t really bring it up, but yes, they do insult YA readers as well. It’s rude. I’m going to take Queen of Shadows and beat them to death with it.

Anyways, that enough for violence tonight!

If that makes you sad for some weird reason, don’t worry I’m always violent.

On good news, if you have made the mistake of NOT signing up for Susan Dennard’s Misfits and Daydreamers GO DO THAT NOW!

She’ll be giving away a UK ARC of Truthwitch, PLUS revealing the actual UK Truthwitch cover.

There is a separate UK cover. HOW COOL IS THAT!?

And speaking of Susan Dennard, one of the beautiful Waterwitch Babes have a READ ALONG!!!

For the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy which is AMAZING ❤ so much love for it!

And you can join HERE!!!!

I plan on doing so as soon as I get back my copy of the books!

Also you all should sign up for The Tsar’s Guard, for Evelyn Skye, because it’s amazing and we’re going to get something oober cool and ❤

Do that here!

So much fun bookish stuff going on and that is part of why I LOVE this community so much.

And one final request.

I have a friend looking for Grisha ARCs. And she has an EPIC lineup of books she is willing to trade for them. So! If you have a Grisha ARC and see something you like here, please, contact her!

Those are some seriously good ARCs.

And I am now really sad I do not have any Grisha ARCs.

And that is all for now.

Also, please remember, spread the bookish love.

Everyone needs a little bit of love and support sometimes, something to make them smile and laugh and remember they are worthwhile.

Peace and blessings,

-Kit Cat


6 thoughts on “YA People Are Amazing People

  1. I know this totally wasn’t the point of this post, but I want to be an English teacher so you should tell me all the things you don’t like about yours so I can go ahead and NOT be like that. 🙂


    • Ah, I see. Just be ready to help your kids, and know what you’re doing before hand. A lot of teachers, at least from my experience, seem rather unprepared and not willing to help. And if they are willing to help a student, then they usually only know one more way to help and then give up.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YA has been pretty life changing for me as well. I’ve met so many wonderful people and have become a reader. I really didn’t like reading before I started reading YA.

    I also love that you see yourself as a secondary character. Some of my favorite characters are secondary characters (Sam from The Lord of the Rings, Roar from Under the Never Sky), so that’s wonderful.

    Great post!


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