What I’m Thankful For (Book Addition)

Hello friends.

Or maybe I should call you all family.

I love the YA community dearly.

I won’t lie you all get a little crazy sometimes. With your aggressive love for certain pairings, your extreme love or hatred for a book, extreme love or hatred of an author… Those can lead to some scary people in this lovely community.

But then there are the other ones I’ve met and talked to. The ones that love to discuss books. That don’t get angry if your opinion differs from theirs, as long as you’re not bashing on their personal opinion.

I started out a big awkward in the group. I had no idea how to act (I still don’t, to be honest).

See the only online interacting I’d ever had before was Facebook. On there I only had my family and a few school friends as Friends.

And then after YALLFest 2014 I decided to get a Twitter since that seemed to allow more access to information.

Suddenly I’m talking to people from… Everywhere.

I think the only places I haven’t spoken to are Africa and Antarctica.

Otherwise… You all are everywhere.

It was so weird joining Twitter. I used to think the population of people who read and enjoyed YA was very small and irrelevant. Even if a book said “NYT Bestseller” I still didn’t think much of it. I believed YA had a very small community.

And then I got on Twitter and suddenly NYT Bestsellers are huge, with thousands of fans worldwide.

That’s another thing. I never thought of YA being worldwide.

And it is. You all are everywhere.

Now this was all very scary because I used to think I was oober important, like a star in this community, then I got on Twitter and realized I’m one in a million.

Don’t care there.

Because I discovered AMAZING things about you all!

First off, I discovered that despite my being a number, authors are still amazing creatures who love all of their fans dearly and constantly thank them for their support. Even most NYT Bestsellers are adorable and always polite and gracious, and I especially love seeing them look shocked at all the people there for them.
It’s like the highlight of any event I’ve ever gone to.
They always look so excited, makes me feel special. Like “YES I’m here for you, you amazing creature! I love you! And have bought ALL of your books!”
And they get all excited like “My hand might be cramping and my face might hurt but it’s because LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME!”

Guys I seriously love authors they are the most adorable people ever. And the nerdiest. It’s great.
You can even fangirl with them about TV shows and movies and video games and other books, like it is miraculous.

And let me tell you about the people I’ve met. What a fun group you all. Now there are some people that eternally have their panties in a bunch, but the rest?

Oh my gosh! They are AWESOME! They just fangirl and talk about books, like I love that! I used to have the worst time finding someone to fangirl with and to talk to about books and now it’s the simplest thing ever.

And it gets ever better, because when you feel like you have to tell them personal crap, nine times out of ten they’re like “FRIEND it is okay, we love you no matter what!”

Like they are amazing! And kind and helpful.

I seriously have NO idea what I’d do without the YA community.

I haven’t even met half of them and they are so much better than 90% of the people I know in real life.

Here let me name some awesome people.

Liran, who is my Carat ❤ my Threadtwin for life.

Wesaun, my soul sister/child who helps me through hard times, plus is fierce and beautiful as a Lioness. I’d trust her with any secret. Also one of my first Tweeter pals.

Brittany my soul sister who is always there to help me and talk about books with. Plus we spam Heidi Heilig with doughnut pictures, it’s GREAT!

Dee who is another one of my first tweeter friends. She’s my precious, silly child and I will protect her at all costs. Plus she finally read Throne of Glass, Bless.

Nori the Poodle, who’s been with me for a while, and always helps me. Of course I love dogs so I’m more comfortable around her. She’s always there with book love and blog advice and doggy comfort.

Avid, who might have actually been there since the beginning, I know of no more devoted friend.

Haven/Caitlin who’s name I still may be spelling wrong. We didn’t only bond over our book love but also by how eerily similar we are.

Sharon Levin who’s also been there for me, eternally offering comfort when others aren’t around to give it.

Gabi, my fellow Waterwitch, fitting since she’s a Little Fish. Always enthusiastic and supportive about everything I adore it.

Jodi Meadows, giver of my first ARC, also is like a guardian and awesome friend person. I stalk her…  A lot. And I fangirl about her books… A lot. And we both love The Martian, so should you!

Heidi Heilig is a new addition to this world for me, but oh my gosh is she amazing. She’s getting a doughnut when I finally meet her.

Sara Raasch because her book has a lot of sentimental meaning to me, plus she’s too adorkable not to like.

Susan Dennard because she’s the first author I obsessively admired, for her books and amazing Marine Biology work.

Michelle Hodkins for being the first NYT Bestseller I met to make me feel like we’re old friends (she was really chill).

Leigh Bardugo for making me laugh (that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it really is) and for basically always acknowledging my Tweets.

Sarah J. Maas for not being as scary as I thought her to be, and being an amazing human being despite being so freaking famous.

All of those people and more have made being apart of this community AMAZING! And it just keeps getting better, meeting new bloggers, talking to new authors (I’m so taken with all the 2016 authors, like they’re already THE BEST!)

So friends, look for the good in the YA community. Because there’s LOTS of it. There are so many kind and helpful people.
Don’t be shy, most of us don’t bite, 🙂

With Love,

-Kit Cat


8 thoughts on “What I’m Thankful For (Book Addition)

  1. KIIIITTTT Okay first (as usual) I love this post! I didn’t care about NYT bestsellers either in terms of what I read (and I kinda still don’t) but I love it when one of my faves are on there! They totally do deserve it! As for your really kind words, I’ve no idea how long I’ve been with you but it feels like we’ve been besties forever and I bet/hope I’ll stay with you till the end! Love you!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MY CARAT!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


  3. Love this post! It’s so amazing to see so many people from so many different places sharing your interest, isn’t it? I myself started blogging and thought I was the only one to come up with such a nerdy idea until I joined Twitter. Then I was introduced to, well, A Whole New World. *breaks into song*


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