An Open Letter To Authors

Dear Author People,

I love you.

*Cue the shocking gasps, please*

To start off on a negative note: one thing that ruffles my feathers is when I see people repeatedly hating on an author for something they wrote, even if it isn’t bad, or a mistake they made a while ago and that rude tweeter just can’t let go.
It gets worse when it’s directly tweeted to the author.
Or if someone gives a bad reviews and directly tweets it.
The newest one I’ve heard of, is giving a bad review, and tweeting to the author under the false pretense that it was a good review.

Now for the portion I have a problem with: the positive stuff.
I just don’t know how to say any of this elegantly or gracefully. I can only word-vomit love and ramble about topics rather unrelated.
So I’ll try to be logical with my love.

I read books as often as I can. And I love them. I always love the story, even if it isn’t really “my thing” I’ll find something to love about it. Something nice to write when I’m writing about it, so if the author ever sees it, it’s not all bad.

So then I try to write books. This is where I grow to appreciate authors more.
I have stories out the wazoo in my head. It actually will get in the way of me doing things I need to do.
While doing homework I will daydream a story, only to look down to realize I’ve been daydreaming for about an hour and still have gotten no work done.
It’s really bad.
And when I go to write the stories down (finally)… They’re awful. Which leads me to continuing to think them, and it is just a spiral into chaos.

After going through that lovely cycle a few times, I grow to respect authors, all of you, more.

Don’t get me wrong: I loved you all before trying to write. It’s just it skyrockets after having given it a go myself.

Writing is hard. It is evil. It looks you in the face and laughs.
I don’t know how you all do it. How you all don’t just scrap something after days of not being able to figure it out.

I have loved and I have hated my own stories.
Hell I have had ONE SINGULAR story in my head since 2nd grade. I’m now a junior in high school.
And it is not going ANYWHERE.

How you all fight through the frustration, writer block, anger, uncertainty, wondering if it’s even worth it, if it’s even good?

Oh my god!

This is why it so angers me when people do what I talked about above. Or when I’m in school hearing people say that writing and publishing is easy.

You all, author people, are wonderful, kind, gracious, funny, and, while I REALLY should not do this, I do think of some of you as my friends. (*slap on wrist*).

On top of all the pain writing takes, from the sounds of it, getting your work published, marketing, everything from there… Sounds even worse.
I’m sure it can be rewarding.
But writing on a schedule, with a set date you need to have everything done? The uncertainty of how many will read it, how many will like it? It’s like from there everything is completely out of control minus the story.

Author people: this is why you all are amazing. Because you do go and write and publish and all that jazz. And you all are still amazing and friendly. Shrugging off the trolls and haters, nodding at reviews, good or bad.

You all do not demand respect, you warrant it.

Just by being as amazing as you all are.

The lot of you deserve cookies and hugs and endless love for all you do, your efforts and kindness.

How do I just appreciate all of you?

If an e-mail lands in some of your inboxes later, full of gushing love… Please don’t be too shocked.

I must gush and love ALL OF YOU!

But really: you all are amazing. I will never not be amazed by your amazingness.

I cannot wait to meet you all and tell you that in person. That is one of my goals. I have a list of authors I want to meet and tell them how amazing they are in person and give them hugs if they’re okay with that.
If not, just gushing love.

Authors: never forget your brilliance. Even if you’re novel isn’t NYT Bestseller, you’re still the hardest working people I know (other than my mom).

I love you all a lot.

-Kit Cat


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