Secret Truthwitch Blog Tour

Books are amazing.
I’ll bet that’s shocking coming from someone running a book blog.

I adore books, but one thing that always seems to make me love a book more is getting to know the authors.
Thanks Twitter.

In this case I mean Susan Dennard. Now I actually knew about Sooz before diving into Something Strange and Deadly (Thanks SJM), and then I read Something Strange and Deadly, which is a lovely trilogy, and knowing Sooz makes it better.
Ever since Sooz has been in my top three favorite Author People.

Because Sooz is one of my top favorite authors I attempt to reach out to her A LOT, with e-mails and Tweets, but through these things I have learned much about her, which, again, is some of what makes books and the book community more enjoyable.

So with that VERY LONG introduction, allow me to share some of my personal favorite facts about Sooz.

  1. She was a Marine Biologist.
    I personally fear the ocean because of how big and vast it is, with its ability to swallow me alive, and hold anyone willing to take on the challenge of learning more about it in high regard.
  2. She’s been to Antarctica!
    Need I say more? Have you been to Antarctica? No? Sooz 1, you 0.
  3. Her favorite sea creature is a dolphin 🙂 (if I remember correctly) 😀
  4. Her first trilogy is a steampunk-alicious ride, with zombies, cute inventors, adorable demons, diverse cast, badass female lead, and Jie.
    Jie is amazing.
  5. She has a giant orange cat names Mowgli.
  6. She herself is an epic fangirl.
  7. Her other person is French (amazing).
  8. She has this really awesome newsletter called Misfits and Daydreamers, where she tells us about fun bookish stuff and gives writing advice to aspiring writers.
  9. She’s probably the sweetest cinnamon roll of them all (especially if you look at all she’s done for the Witchlanders. Then look at all she’s done for her fans. She’s a phenomenal human being, I’ll fight this to my grave.)
  10. She deals with me (A+ on her part), with my random tweets and obnoxious e-mails.
  12. She says she’s okay with hugs which I’m totally holding her too.
  13. She’s a Gamer
  14. Last, but not least she is a quality human being, whether she is a writer or a marine biologist, or just a simple human like the rest of us she is kind and patient, giving and caring.

And that is my epic gushing about Susan Dennard and why you all should love her so much. If you’re looking for more reasons (other than Sooz) to be psyched about TW you can go to Liran’s post from yesterday and check it out. (It’s amazing so DO IT).

Personally I just started reading Truthwitch and I mean what’s homework, am I right? Who needs homework when you have people like Safiya and Iseult?

For the rest of the schedule:
11/3/15 – Hedvig @ Sunroadreads

11/4/15 – Em @ Piplup’s Shadowy Bookshelf

11/4/15 – Angel @Avid Reader

11/5/15 – Stacey @Write All About It

11/6/15 – Jaimie @ Jaimiesam

11/7/15 – Casey Marie @ Little Red’s Reviews

Now, back to doing school work so I can spend all of tomorrow (my day off ) reading Truthwitch *cue the happy tears*.

-Kit Cat

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