Review Policy

Hello authors, publishers, agents, and the like, thank you so much for visiting!

If you are hoping to have Let The Pages Reign review a book of yours I ask that you read all of what’s below and take it into consideration.

If you don’t and decide to send me an e-mail anyway, I’ll delete the e-mail.

Thank you for your time!


  • I’m not the busiest teen in the world but I’m still considerably busy with schooling and other hobbies of mine.
  • I adore reviewing but often times I need to put school before anything else and on top of that I already have a massive TBR, all of which leaves little time for requests.
  • If I do agree to read the book, it will take some time for me to actually read it, consider how I feel about that, and put my feelings into words.
    • I want to give as honest a review as possible, so I need the time to do these things.

Age Range

  • I read YA.
  • Through and through I read books meant for 13-19-year-olds. I read Young Adult Books alone.
  • While I will sometimes read children and adult books, I do this on my own time and will not take requests for those books.


  • Within the YA range, I’m considerably less picky.
  • I read mostly sci-fi and fantasy books.
  • Any diverse books I’d love to read, especially if it features characters on the Ace Spectrum.
  • I usually stay away from contemporary and horror but I will consider them.


  • As mentioned before I take time to review.
  • Once finishing a book I need to consider how I felt about it, write up the review, and read over it a few times to ensure that I’m happy with the review going up.


  • All Reviews are written on a 5 Stars scale.
  • With that being said I ask that star ratings not be taken at surface value.
    • Ex. 2 stars can mean more than I hated it, 3 stars can mean more than neutrality, and 4 can mean less than liked it.


  • These reviews and ratings are not influenced by any outside source.
  • Sending me a book will not guarantee that I like the book or rate it well.


  • Authors are amazing and I love the time they put into writing these books!
  • If an author would like to work with me and time allows I’d be happy to help promote their book.
  • However, I’d also like to read the book(s) of the author I’m promoting to ensure I’m promoting someone worthy of this blog.
  • If the author has been deemed problematic or harmful, I will not work with them or support their books.


  • After I write the review it is scheduled to be posted.
  • Reviews usually go up Thursday-Sunday
    • The current day is Thursday and Sunday, these will change depending on my schedule.
  • Once the Review is posted on Let The Pages Reign it is also posted on:
    • The Authors Curse Tumblr Page
    • @KainesCat Twitter Page
  • Usually, a picture of the book with a summary of the review is posted on @TheAuthorsCurse Instagram page.


  • All of this is done for maximum exposure, however, it is my exposure which means if I didn’t like the book I will say it.


  • If you have read all of this, understand all of this, your book meets the criteria, and you’d still like to contact me, please do! I’m always eager to hear from you!
  • You can send Review Requests to the following e-mail:
    • If you send it to another one of my e-mails I’m likely to ignore it!
  • If you need more Contact Information you can go to my Contact Page which has other means of contact!


Thank you so much for reading and considering me! I look forward to hearing from you!


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