YALLFest 2015 Adventure!

Well, I won’t lie and I didn’t hide that I was disappointed in the lineup for YALLFest this year. But it was amazing. Oh so amazing.
I am already in anticipation to see if and how they can outdo themselves next year. Who will be on the list? What surprises will they have?

This year was pretty awesome. Other than my slight disappointment in the author list. But I mean come on? How can you outdo Sarah J. Maas, Michelle Hodkin, Leigh Bardugo, and all the greatness of 2014 this year?

Well this year was a lot of fun and much more intense.

Now it’s story time.

It started Friday morning when we woke up at 2 AM and starting driving at 2:30 AM to get to Charleston. We arrived around 10. Then we explored Charleston for a bit. That was boring. The fun part was going around to the Signing site. That was fun.

My mom stayed in the Victoria Aveyard line while I went to Leigh Bardugo line. Which was mixed with the Richelle Mead line. That was insane.

There I met a local to Charleston, who was also a mother helping out her daughter with lines, and Erica, a writer/reporter for http://www.mikethefanboy.com/ and both were amazing.

Leigh was bit late, but was her usual charming self, which all the more made up for it.

Then I walked with Erica over to the Victoria Aveyard line, which must have gone quickly, because it wasn’t long before we got to see Victoria.

After that there was still a lot of time to kill Friday night and I had an extra ARC of Walk On Earth A Stranger, which I got signed by Rae Carson, and will be going up for a giveaway soon 😉 . I also saw Margo Wood of Epic Reads and Kiera Cass!

They also had some WONDERFUL YALLFest merchandise, shirts and pants, water bottles, lanyards, tote bags. It was Amazing. However, being low on money I only got a bag and water bottle, still amazing though.

Enter Saturday.

Saturday was crazy.

I told my mom I wanted to wake up at six thirty AM to get in the Epic Reads line for The Siren ARC and the Glass Sword ARC.
Mom work up at five thirty. I guess she’s just hardcore like that.

By the time I got there, there was already a line. Not too many people.
So I sat with Erica and a someone else my friend had befriended, named Katie, I believe?
I DMed Lillie to tell her that there was a line. I tried to do it in such a way that she wouldn’t freak out, meanwhile I was panicking because people kept coming and NONE of them were Lillie. My panicking probably didn’t help her panicking.

But she got there and all was well with the world.

Finally they split the lines up and my friend went to the Siren line. That one didn’t seem as bad as the Glass Sword line.

My friend got the Siren ARC, I got the Scarlet Guard meeting ticket.

Then I went to Renee Ahdieh’s line. From there to Marissa Meyer’s line. Marissa’s Meyer’s line was concernedly long, but I still got to her within the hour.
However it was like a freaking maze.

After that it was Alex’s line for the rest of the day where there was a lot of talking to Lillie, Gee, and Erica.

Afterwards it was The Scarlet Guard meeting.

All and all, it was a lot of fun. That was a quick run down and there will be pictures below.

This year was fun. I got to meet Twitter friends, meet new people, meet great authors. I wasn’t as shy this year which made YALLFest a LOT more fun!

Epic Reads pulled out the big guns. They marked all of the signing spots, which was VERY helpful. They had the lines for the Glass Sword and The Siren ARCs. They had this wheel which you could spin and win 2016 debuting ARCs, like The Girl From Everywhere, Symptoms of Being Human, Burning Glass, Sword and Verse, etc.

I’m honest excited beyond words to see what’s happening next year and have learned not to judge YALLFest by their author list, because no matter who goes it is still a lot of bookish fun.

Now for pictures.

Epic Reads Marks the spot!

Friday meeting of Leigh Bardugo, probably talking about Brittany.

First Victoria Aveyeard meeting. She was delightful every time, I must say. Even more beautiful and charming in person.

Rae Carson, Friday, pardon my look\, I don’t know what that’s all about.

Meeting Margo Wood from Epic Reads. She’s amazing by the way. She’s goals in basically every single way.

Meeting Kiera Cass! Finally my human smile! But she was too funny and kind not to smile with.
On Saturday:

Renee Ahdieh, who’s makeup was… Excuse me as I die of jealousy.

Marissa Meyer, and you can’t see it in this picture but in the other picture, you could see all three of my bags. Oh silly me.

That was the Alexandra Bracken and Gayle Forman line molding together in the distance.

Lillie who is WAY too delightful and amusing and quirky. I love it, I can’t wait to see her again next year.

The lovely Gee, who is being photobombed. I kept seeing her tweets that day and wondering where she was. Turns out she was right next to me. Oh, my pitiful Squirrel brain.

Brackattack! Because Alexandra Bracken is AMAZING!

Finally meeting Alex. You can see me lowkey geeking and she looks like a super model posing for a magazine which seems about right.

My Scarlet Guard ticket, in case I lost it.

Victoria talking at the Scarlet Guard secret meeting.
 Victoria and the Epic Reads ladies.

So this was the guy up at 4am to make sure he got a ticket and Glass Sword. Victoria Knighted him into the Guard.

Now an official Scarlet Guard member I suppose.




And ladies and gents: that is YALLFest.

I did not take as many pictures as I’d have liked to, but that’s okay. I’ll just take more next year.

Now I must go back to school work and responsibilities that I got to ditch for a few hours, while at YALLFest.

I hope to see you all next year! Already excite!

Peace and blessings!

-Kit Cat.


14 thoughts on “YALLFest 2015 Adventure!

  1. It looks like you had a flipping awesome time. First of all, The Scarlet Guard meetup is all I have been hearing about from you and Lillie. I MEAN it does look awesome and I can tell that you two had a wondrous time. Haven’t read Red Queen but I definitely will be..soon! Alex Bracken, haven’t read any of her books but I will soon since Passenger is coming out and I am so excited for that. Great recap and I am happy you had a nice time at YALLFest! 😀



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