The People I’m Thankful For


Okay so since here in the US it is Thanksgiving I thought I’d list a few people who’ve had a HUGE impact on me since I started being apart of this community!

First, I’d like to start of with my mom. Which may sound odd. But she is the one who buys me all the books and drives me up and down the East Coast for Book conventions and tours and signings.
Without her I wouldn’t be able to do anything, buy books or meet authors, so she’s a big contributor to this.

Then there’s Wesaun at Oreos and Books, who was one of my first Twitter friends and she’d basically been my guiding hand for EVERYTHING! I love her so much and learn so much from her. I’d be VERY lost without her.

Of course Nori at ReadWriteLove28. I’m not sure when I found Nori on Twitter exactly, but she’s also been a big help, especially with blogging. I don’t remember who started it, but Nori is Blogger Mom, because she’s just SO helpful when it come to blogging.

To Dee at BooksABlog. She was another one of my first Twitter friends, and one of the first I ever met. I’m pretty sure I ran-hugged her the first time I met her and she was so vibrant and nice, a true Rachel Berry if there ever was one, plus she LOVES Gilmore Girls, and you cannot go wrong there.

My dearest Carat and Threadsister Liran, at Empress of Books. Sometimes I forgot that Liran and I are not even in the same country, just because of the way we talk I feel like I should go to school and see her sassing the teachers. She has been, and hopefully will continue to be, a great friend, a ranting buddy, and plus STORIES I love talking to her about writing even if we both seem to hate our own writing (even though there’s nothing wrong with hers).

To Brittany at Book Rambles who’s also been a guiding hand in my blogging skills, plus she has this beautiful knack for helping through the blogging world and the real world too, in a way, even if I don’t realize it at the time. Like the big sister, I technically already have, but still want.

To Jodi Meadows, author of the Incarnate Trilogy and Orphan Queen duology, for also being oober supportive, and key advice giver. She’s been with me, I think, since my blog was a little baby and always been fun to tweet back and forth with. Her advice is literally priceless, and honestly she’s like Uncle Iroh with the wisdom she hands out to people.

Heidi Heilig, author of The Girl From Everywhere. Heidi I haven’t know as long, I found her in the spur of me looking for 2016 books and there was The Girl From Everywhere, which is AMAZING and wonderful. Heidi is just a very likeable person, you talk (or Tweet) her and it’s just a “yes you are amazing” kind of reaction. I cannot wait to meet her! I’m still holding out hope that she’ll come near VA, but honestly at this point I’m willing to drive up to NYC is that’s where her launch party is.

And finally, but never EVER least, is S. Usher Evans, author of Empath, the Razia series, and The Madion War series. Suni is my personal cheerleader and a wonderful friend. She’s supportive and adorable and forever a really fun person to talk to. She’s talent and creative and someday I swear I’ll meet her and hug her, and thank for all that she’s done, which is more than I ever expected from her ❤

Overall I’m thankful for everyone I have met and this community. You all are kind and loving and giving and here take some cookies and let me hug you all because you all deserve it ❤

Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the states, if not Happy Hi!


-Kit Cat


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