Captive Prince by C. S. Pacat

Captive Prince (Captive Prince, #1)

There are two things I take away from this book.

  1. You should probably read the synopsis of the book before you BUY the book. Results of doing so can be very interesting!
  2. The synopsis of a book can be very deceiving for what the pages between covers actually hold.

Like book trailers, I’m really not fond of synopsises. I’ll read them, just to have an idea of what I’m getting into, but going off them alone usually won’t sell it for me.

In the case of the Captive Prince, here’s what got me:

  1. The author’s Twitter amuses me.
  2. I looked this book up on Tumblr, where the reactions were ecstatic and amazed, and I also found some posts, that made me more interested in the book AND in Pacat.
  3. TWITTER! Good job Twitter. I saw tweets about this book, people FREAKING out over it and thought “Man I have to see what is up!”

Okay, so, when I actually got the book, I read a bit into it, then thought “what am I reading?” turned to the back, looked at the synopsis and thought “Well, guess I had that one coming.”

Well, enough of that.

If you’re on here, then you may want to know my thoughts on this book.

Maybe you read the synopsis and heard some interesting things about it and thought maybe it wasn’t worth reading, but oh, I assure you it is.

I loved that book. Love, love, love, love, loved it.

(Trying to decide on stars and it’s, at the least, 4.5)

In less than 300 pages I met amazing characters and there was an awesome story, it was intense, and for the love of the gods, I could NOT put it down.

Honestly, one of the things I loved the most about the book, was Laurent.

Now, if you look up Captive Prince on Tumblr (which I kind of recommend you do), you’ll know automatically, there is more to Laurent than there seems. (I’ve heard he will become my precious buttercup).
However, once you get past the beginning, in which Laurent is sadistic and cruel, you start to see that he’s also smart and, even caring.
Also is one snarky asshole, and I do not care if that is unprofessional, but he is sassy and snarky and smart and VERY COMPLEX.

Then there is Damen.
I like to think of Damen as one of those honorable characters in Game of Thrones, that you actually can root for because they’re a good person.

But it’s Game of Thrones, so they usually die.

That was off point, but what I mean is Damen is honorable and for the most part, has the best of intentions, especially when it involves people from his home kingdom.
And later on, you see him beginning to realize what we all realize with Laurent, you can actually see him evolving, understanding, and actually just becoming more of a good person.

I love it.

I cannot really put into words what I just read.

Honestly, after the wave of shock rolled off me, that book was…. Wow. That is just a book people need in their lives.

I HAD to order Prince’s Gambit, because WOW, and, although, I don’t think my mom is happy about it, I AM OVER THE MOON!

Well, like most of my reviews, I doubt that did anything for you. However, I promise this is just me trying to understand these aggressive surges of love filling my veins, making their way into my heart and mind.

For the time being I will attempt to fill this void with A Darker Shade of Magic and will see you all later, hopefully with more reviews.

Als, Prince’s Gambit is about two times the page length of Captive Prince and I am DYING.

More of my precious cinnamon buns.

Unless you’re Laurent, in which case it’s probably more like sinnamon bun.

Okay, that is all!

Peace and love, people!



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