An Open Letter to Blogger Mom

You all have heard of Blogger mom, right?

She’s the Poodle lady on Twitter? Very nice and helpful, especially when it comes to new bloggers.

Nori is probably one of the best, and I mean BEST people you can ever meet online.

First of all, blogger mom has been a big help in, not just blogging, but being a part of the book community.

I can always count on her for giving me blogging pointers, helping me perfect something, or just being supportive in time of existential crisis or blogger crisis, or basically any crisis.

Seriously, she is the best.

I’ve seen her help other bloggers, I’ve seen her support everyone in the book community from author to blogger, that girl has a heart the size of the moon.

Also, can we just talk about how much she takes on? She’s like a robot with all she does for this community, all the challenges and reviews and holy moly, that girl is on fire.

So basically, Blogger Mom Nori is amazing. She deserves all the praise, all the loves, and all the respects.

Say hi to Blogger Mom and send her a virtual hug. (Blog and Twitter).

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


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