Open letter to my Carat/Threadtwin

You all know the Empress of Books? No? Well you can click on her name and check out her blog real quick, before I go on raving about how amazing she is.

You ready? You’ve met Liran?

Cool, let’s get this party started, and yes, it is a party. It is always a party when Liran is involved.
It usually has many muscular, shirtless men.

So Liran, Liran is my go to. She is my threadtwin and carat.

When I’m pissed or sad, nine times out of ten she’s going to find a rant in her DMs and she handles it in the best ways possible: by impressing me with the amount of attractive men she has on her phone or sending me a song that manages to match up to my current emotions PERFECTLY.

She also introduced me to one of the only real man I’ve ever found attractive, Jesse James Rutherford:

I don’t even know why, but he’s so attractive…

Good job Liran, good job.

He’s also the guy who usually sings the songs in tune with my emotions.

Anyways, Liran is the best and I cannot WAIT to meet her, which I will one day and we can fangirl about our favorite books and she can attempt to make my nails pretty like her own and we can rant and rage, and it’ll be fabulous.

But seriously she’s one of the best people out there. She’s honest and funny and creative, literally what more do you want in a person?

Here, check her out: Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, Instagram.

Enjoy her, you all. She’s one of the best blogger-book buddies a person can have.

Peace and Love,

-Kit Cat

PS: this is the last letter tonight


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