Open Letter to S. Usher Evans

Don’t know her? Well, here’s her author site and Twitter and Goodreads profile!

She’s also written these lovelies:

Double Life (Razia, #1) Alliances (Razia, #2)Conviction (Razia, #3) Fusion (Razia, #4)

Empath And the Madion Series, which has get to get a cover (but will soon!)

Now, shame on Kit Cat, but I have yet to read her books. I know, don’t pelt me with stuff, I’ll get to it.

I have plans on reading them soon. Trust me, my book cravings are as random as someone wanting guacamole in their ice cream.

But here’s the thing I love about Suni/Whitney: she’s amazing, kind, supportive, hard working, adorable, creative, the best person on the face of the planet, deserves more credit than she gets, and I want to hug her about 24/7.

Does that sum it up for you?

Seriously that lady is phenomenal. She is inspirational.

She does all this hardwork on her books and takes time to help promote other indie books, plus she goes around supporting the book community like family.

Oh, screw it, she is family. She’s a sweetheart who deserves all the loveles and huggles you can give her.

Honestly, she is a cheerleader and a mama bird, reading to support us and make us feel great about ourselves and defend us to her grave.

So go forth and give mama bird Suni a lovele and a huggle, because she is the brightest, warmest ray of Floridian sunshine you’ll ever meet.

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat

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