Cultures I’d Like to see more of in YA

A while ago I did a blog post on places I want to travel and most of the I chose, I chose because I wanted to experience the culture first hand, gain some experience.

One of the reasons I see most for why people like reading is because it always them to go on an adventure without leaving their home.

So I personally think it’d be AWESOME to be able to experience more culture when reading.

Here are some that I’d personally love see:

  1. Mongolian Culture

    If you don’t know about them (which a concerning amount of people seem not to) Mongolia is a country in Northeastern Asia and I believe it is still a mainly Nomadic land, plus they’re history is SO cool, if you don’t know anything about it, I’d highly suggest looking it up.
  2. Islamic Culture

    Another one I was fascinated with and also one of my favorite portions of history to learn about (it was Mongols and Islam for me). They get such a bad rep in media, it’d be nice to have a YA protag or a great representation of Islamic culture would be amazing.
  3. Vietnam Culture

    Okay there’s actually something very specific I’d like to see in this one and that is the story of the Trung Sisters who essential were these sisters who rose up against the Chinese overlords at the time, and we only briefly learned about them in AP world, but it was just… I’d LOVE to see a story based around that historical event.
  4. Indian Culture

    No, I don’t mean Native Americans (yeah, I’m talking to you every google image search, ever). No Indian from India. Currently,  I am reading The Star Touched Queen, which, if you were Unaware is based off of Indian mythology (takes place in India WOO)! This was another section of history I briefly learned about and longed to know more about.
  5. African Culture.

    One thing about this is, Africa is a big place and it often doesn’t really get covered enough in history. In world history, it always feels like Africa is left out and people will say “African Culture” but it’s a really big place, consisting of lots of different societies and countries and I honestly think it’d just be really cool and interesting to have a YA setting around one of those.
  6. Indonesian Culture

    A while ago, I don’t remember why, but I looked up some information about Indonesia and it just seemed so beautiful and colorful and lively and like, why wouldn’t anyone want to write a story based off such amazingness?!
  7. Filipino Culture

    Another very colorful and unique culture and on top of that there are a lot of Filipino readers and not a lot of representation. But seriously, have you seen photos at the very least? That would make for one unique story.
  8. Chinese Culture

    Chinese is huge in history, they did a lot in history, they’re vast and numerous, you have all these different dynasties you can pick from to form a story out of, all you need is some research (great research, though) and you can make a GREAT story.
  9. Tibet Culture

    I’ve had a weird fascination with Tibet ever since someone said Tibet was like the Air Nation (from Avatar The Last Airbender) and also when I learned they were eaten by China (that’s how I put it). And it’s also very neat, if you’ve seen the land and how high in the mountains it is, just mmm yes.
  10. Aztec Culture

    Another one I feel like is very underrated is the Aztec. You don’t hear a lot about them in history, but what you do hear is pretty freaking interesting. Also, I think this is the culture that was kind of for sacrifices and such?
  11. Inca Culture

    I believe they’re a little less known than the Aztecs, also a South American Culture. They might have been the one that was heavy one military, but we really glazed over these guys )’:
  12. Any North American Native Culture

    I have been to the midwest and to the east coast and every time there is something about the Native Tribes who used to inhabit these lands and every time  I think “this is the most interesting thing, why has no one written about this yet?” Especially in the midwest with the Adobe homes?! HOW COOL IS THAT?
  13. Mayan Culture

    My friend just reminded me of these guys I can’t believe I forgot them *snuggles the Mayans* I know they were heavy in art and astrology and all that jazz. Pretty good, since the Americas weren’t as far along as Afro-Eurasia was, so to the fact that the Americas were North and South with climate change…
  14. Aboriginal Culture

    Now I really don’t know much about that, but holy moly, do I want to.
  15. Maori Culture

    This might sound bad, but we had to watch a film about them in my Freshmen history class and they were pretty awesome, so I’d like to see them.
  16. Egyptian Culture

    Especially based around their Dynasties, before they fell. Oh and Hatshepsut!


So I died off there a little bit at the end, but these are some of the cultures I remember learning about in school or researching for whatever reason and going “damn that’d make a pretty interesting story”.

I’m very curious as to what you all think.

What time, place, cultures do you all want to see in YA? Why?

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat

PS sorry about some of the pictures, I decided on them last minute, which resulted in last minute google searching…..


One thought on “Cultures I’d Like to see more of in YA

  1. Yes to all of these! #16 is probably the one I’m dying for most; it’s so hard to find some that are both accurate and entertaining. I’ve found it’s easier to find books representing this through Canadian retailers and Canadian book awards. I’d recommend checking out the Forest of Reading lit. awards, it showcases a lot of great books (check out current and past nominees):

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