Secondary Characters I Wish Had Their Own Booksames

Thank you to The Book Voyagers for giving me this PERFECT idea. I am so lucky to have friends with really creative brains.

This is actually perfect because I ADORE secondary characters, sometimes more than I actually like the main character, and that isn’t necessarily because the main character is boring or annoying, I just usually relate to the Secondary characters more.

Let’s begin!

  1. Nehemia from Throne of Glass
    -We didn’t get much time with her and she was my favorite.
  2. Jamie from The Mara Dyer Trilogy
    -Such a snark and a really loyal friend.
  3. Kenji from Shatter Me
    -Can you imagine an entire book narrated by a snarky pervert? Oh, shit, that sounds a lot like Deadpool….
  4. James from The Orphan Queen
    -He’s just such a lovable muffin.
  5. Chubs or Suzume from The Darkest Mind
    -They were both so adorable and interesting and my sweet little children ❤
  6. Nikolai from The Grisha Trilogy
    -Okay, but who DOESN’T want a book narrated by Nikolai?
  7. Tolya and Tamar from The Grisha Trilogy
    -I think I’m alone on this, but when I was reading those books, those two were my favorites.
  8. Vee from Hush, Hush
    -Apparently a lot of people hated Vee, I, however, LOVED her. So down with the “loyal friend” trope, thing.
  9. Lucien from A Court of Thorns and Roses
    -Guys, come on, imagine that book threw Lucien’s POV and all of your troubles will go away.
  10. Simon Lewis from The Shadowhunter Chronicles
    -Okay I know we have Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy but, man do I ever want more Simon Lewis. Although he did give me unrealistic expectations of male friends…
  11. Christina from Divergent
    -It would’ve been so much more interesting.
  12. Graystripe from The Warrior Series
    -I know he got the Manga, but I’ve always been interested in Graystripe.
  13. Zuzana From Daughter of Smoke and Bone
    -I saved the best for last! Okay so Zuzana was my FAVORITE character in those books, it wasn’t that I didn’t like Karou or Akiva I did (Karou more than Akiva) but Zuzana was just so funny and cute and when I read the short story about her and Mik I DIED I love them so much!

Okay, so really my love for secondary characters knows no bounds and even if I hate a book, it really just needs amazing secondary characters for me to get through. It’ll still get a low rating though 😀

So who are some of your favorite secondary characters? Any you wish had a book of their own? 


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