Discussion Post: Blogger Hierarchy?

*Discussion Posts, also known as, shit I observe whilst stalking people. 🙂

Amongst some bloggers, there is this idea of a hierarchy or of “Celebrity Bloggers” in this esteemed community.
Bloggers who other look up to or admire, essentially treat with a celebrity like status.

Now there are some points that seem to dictate (to some, certainly not to all) what makes a “celebrity” blogger, just that.

  • How long they have been blogging
    • the longer someone has been blogging the better they must be, thus, they are the people to look up to.
    • Think about when you see someone say “I’ve been blogging for 3+ years”? Personally I think “wow man, you’re amazing.”
  • Number of posts or reviews.
    • The more content one puts out there the more people must look at it. If someone looks at their blog more, they probably have better stats and are gaining quite the following.
  • Their blog statistics
    • The real indicator of how popular a blogger is are the numbers: what’s their  follower count, how many views do they get? While viewers of the blog may not know these stats, some also use the number of Instagram or Twitter followers to indicate how well a person’s blog does. This can lead to then being called “A Celebrity Blogger” or considered one.
  • The number of Pre-Reads a person receives.
    • Some may judge a blogger’s status by the number of ARCs they have. The higher up in the hierarchy they must be. Because that “must” mean you have great statistics and the more connections they must have.
  • How many people know their name.
    • When you can say a persons name and people automatically know how you’re talking about, that definitely is an indicator of sorts, that they’re pretty big in the blogging world.
    • Take for example Nori the Poodle from Read Write Love 28 or Cait from Paper Fury. You probably know who I’m talking about. They’re pretty darn famous!
    • PS: Thank you to Shelly from Read. Sleep. Repeat.  for this idea.

Now none of these things are set in stone. They’re mainly either things I’ve seen people say or hypotheticals.

Those are just ideas, points, some things that people use to dictate who is a “Celebrity Blogger”.

Are there such things? Well I don’t know. There are certainly bloggers I admire. To name some:

Are these lovely ladies celebrities? To me, maybe a little bit.

As of now the statics show:

“What would make you dub a blogger a ‘celebrity’?”
-# of Year = 11%
-Their Stats = 48 %
-# of Posts, reviews, ARCs = 12%
-Connections = 29%
This was out of 93 people

And 74% of people believed a blogger would be considers a celebrity if a lot of people knew about them.
This was out of 43 people (had to do a different poll).

So my question for you, after seeing what some people use to determine what makes a “Celebrity” blogger and seeing the current stats is: Do you think there is such thing as a “Celebrity” blogger? If you what do you think determines it? 

That’s all for tonight folks! Thanks for dropping by!



7 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Blogger Hierarchy?

  1. I never really called them celebrities, but I guess they are pretty well known. It’s kind of cool to see how successful people are, the only people I follow are on Booktube, the bookstagram world (to me) is just meant for pretty pictures 🙂


    • I used to follow booktubers, but have since faded away from it, only really watching if someone posts a video on Twitter. Bookstragram does have some really aesthetically pleasing pics.
      Also agreed. It’s amazing to see how successful people get. Really fun when you get to see how blown away they all are by it.

      Liked by 1 person

    But yeah, I voted in your poll the amount of connections they have. Because usually if they have connections, they also have a good amount of followers, stats, ARCs, etc (as well as been in the blogging world for a while). Either way, they're usually pretty awesome people too so personality should make a big difference! 😀


  3. Celebrity bloggers. I think they exist but then again I think anybody who puts in the work is a celebrity blogger. This is a hard hobby to have what with work and school and everything else.


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