Contact Page

Hello, Friends!

If for some reason you need to contact me you can do it through:

  1. Email –
  2. Twitter – @KainesCat
    1. You can DM or @ me
  3. Tumblr- the-authors-curse

Why Would You Contact Me?

  • Blog Hopping List
    • If something is wrong with the blog hopping list.
      • Something like a website no longer being active or a link attached to the wrong site.
  • Teens in YA list
    • You want to join the list
    • You are no longer a teen and asking to be removed from this list.
    • There’s a mistake on the list (like, you’re not a teenager).
  • You found a mistake on the blog
    • I’m prone to spelling and grammar errors. It kills me inside when I find out I’ve made one, but I am trying to get better.
  • Post Ideas
    • You have something you want me to discuss on the bloggle or such.
  • Books
    • You want me to review a book (though, please check the review policy before you ask something like that).
  • You have a question about the blog
    • I don’t know what question you would have but if you do contact me.
  • You have a request for the blog
    • I don’t know what this could possibly be but maybe?
    • If your suggestion is for me to delete this blog bet your buttons I think about it a lot, so I don’t need your two cents.

I do ask that if you feel the need to contact me for one of the reasons above or another reason, that you state why you’re contacting me first.

Whether it’s the subject of the e-mail or the first line of the message, please tell me, get straight to the point. I’m very tired and very busy (high school) and I will try to address what you need/want as quickly as possible but I need you to be straight forward.

Thank you!

-Kit Cat


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